Fantasy files: Get into Fantasy Football Shape

It’s June and since the Super Bowl, you haven’t looked at a piece of football news other than staring lovingly into Mel Kiper’s hair for five minutes in late April. How do you get back onto “fantasy football” shape?

Luckily, there are lots of delinquents like yours truly to get you in mid-season form quicker than LeSean McCoy can not talk about Chip Kelly. Let’s hit it:

1. Get on Twitter. If an NFL player so much as farts, it’s going to be there and in cartoon form.

2. Download as many fantasy football podcasts as humanly possible. Get thee to The Audible. Hang with Rummy and Ray. Soak in the high-level numbers gurus on RotoViz Radio. Prepare for DFS and redrafts with Living the Stream. Most importantly, find your favorites.

2. Do a mock draft. I don’t care what kind it is, get a lay of the land. Ryan McDowell does a monthly series of them at DLF and “Fat Kat” Bruce Kimbrough does them at DFW. Note that those two fine fellows do dynasty startup mocks, so if you want a redraft POV try the mock drafter tool at Fantasy Pros. It’s free and you can draft against “the computer” and get a lay of the land.

3. Get some skin in the game by doing an MFL10. What’s an MFL10? 12 people draft, it’s best ball meaning your top scorers are automatically listed as a starter, pay $10 and the winner gets $100. Talk to my men Mike or Matt for more information.

4. Send some strategic trash talk to your long-standing leaguemates. We’ve started a Facebook page for our local league and it’s been fun watching the Patriots fan melt down all offseason. I referred to one of my leaguemates as “Dick Emeritus” and he responded by threatening me with 132 “penalty shots” for our live draft.

5. Listen to some music to get you in the mood. It’s important to get the right “walk up music” when you arrive at your live draft. Let’s try my current favorite (not safe for people who dislike drinking and cursing).

6. No time on the Internet would be complete without a youtube pit stop, so let’s watch Nate Powell being himself in his version of the NFL combine.

7. Remember to enjoy the game, be optimistic but not Karl Safchick optimistic. After all, the Raiders and Titans are still in the league.

8. If you have a work league that drafts in a Yahoo room, try to make it live. If you have a live draft, try to spice it up by bringing cheerleaders, hiring a chorus to sing “we will rock you” or have some well-timed fireworks go off. Remember, this is supposed to be an event.

9. Beer (or booze): Drink good stuff, but when it comes to your draft day, go for the session stuff because you can pound more without getting silly.

You have to stay engaged or this hobby/side business of yours is not going to be as fulfilling as it could be. Know your leaguemates and step on their necks when the opportunity arises. Keep up with the latest news and notes via Twitter.

This is just the beginning. Once you create a habit, it will stick with you like Darrelle Revis or a burrito in a Denver Broncos meeting room.

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