Mock Em if You Got Em: DLF and DFW Dynasty Startup Mock Drafts

I’m not obsessed with mock drafts. I know when to say when. I can mock draft and drive responsibly.


I’ve had patterns of drafting when it comes to these “mock” dynasty startups. It’s an Under the Helmet strategy, go heavy on WRs and RBs (leaning WR when possible) and wait on QB/TE. If you’re going to do this whole dynasty thing right, you have to try different tactics so that’s what I did.

I joined two mock drafts lately, one through Dynasty League Football’s Ryan McDowell and one through Dynasty Fantasy Warehouse. In both of them, I decided to jump on QB and/or TE early to see what kind of squad I’d get.


1.08: Antonio Brown — Can’t hate on a target machine on a top offense and nothing about this situation seems to be changing for another three to four years.

2.05: Aaron Rodgers — Andrew Luck is the first-rounder. Rodgers turns 32 this fall, which would be worrying if he weren’t a QB surrounded by the flak jacket of NFL rules.

3.08: CJ Anderson — Running backs, especially undrafted ones, are tough sells when you have no idea about the future. Anderson ruled in the second half of 2014, should hold the job down this year and then it’s up to the fates.

4.05: Golden Tate — He was a target monster last year, and he’s a clear PPR WR1 when/if Calvin Johnson’s banged up.

5.08: Arian Foster — I tried another tact with these mocks, not being afraid to take “old” players who are immediate lock-down starters. Maybe Foster has two years left and then he’s roster dust. The next RB taken, Isaiah Crowell could be out of the league in two years or he could be a star. Such is the nature of this game.

6.05: Torrey Smith — I already mentioned that nobody drafts Torrey Smith and is excited abut it. He’s exactly 15 years younger than me. It’s an odd statistical note that he had 45 fewer targets in 2014 than 2013 but had seven more TDs.

7.08: Kenny Stills — Load up on wideouts. Stills is the bargain-basement Mike Wallace who can run the full route tree. He’s young but isn’t tall enough for Nate Powell’s tastes.

8.05: Jay Ajayi — I find it tough to take rookies in these drafts because their value never will be higher as when they first are attached to a team. I was two picks away from getting Duke Johnson, my true love, so this pick might not have been the best.

9.08: Justin Forsett — Again it’s the balance between short-term Trestman goodness or a rookie like David Cobb who could get a longer term opportunity. You have to layer, and the hope’s that Forsett/Foster dominate early and Anderson/Ajayi dominate in the longer term.

10.05: Kendall Wright — If I told you a receiver caught 94 passes with Jake Locker and Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing him the rock, would you believe me? There was worry that Justin Hunter would take over as WR1 and that ship has sailed (it’s also on fire). Maybe Dorial Green-Beckham’s that guy in the future but I still see Wright as having 80-catch annual potential, and who knows, maybe the Titans will let him run a deep route one day.

11.08: Javorius Allen — It never makes as much sense to handcuff as in dynasty. Again, rookies taken as late as Allen was are long-shot prospects. You take your shots when you can.

12.05: Tom Brady — Having two Hall of Famers at QB makes me pretty confident in not needing to take anyone else at the position. Brady’s ancient but his numbers should be locked in for as long of a window as a sane person can see in dynasty.

13.08: Delanie Walker — Load up on those Titans’ skill position players. I waited and waited and waited on tight end. He led the team in targets last year and will battle with Wright to be Marcus Mariota’s best friend.

14.05: Tyler Lockett — He’s my rookie crush. Maybe hitting on the Seahawks’ target-poor environment isn’t the way to go, but the team traded a boatload of picks to get him.

15.08: Charles Clay — The Bills paid a ton to get him. I know the QBs suck and the WRs are pretty good, but this is what happens when you wait on the position. I’m fine with the proposition.

16.05: Andre Williams — It’s possible that he’s horrible. It’s also true that he’s the youngest option and Tom Coughlin likes to give the biggest guy the shot at the goal line.

17.08: Doug Baldwin — If that whole Tyler Lockett thing doesn’t work out.

18.05: Vernon Davis — It’s a little insane that he went five rounds after his former backup. He’s scored 13 TDs twice in his career. It’s all about long shots here.

19.08: Jesse James — He’s young and maybe he’ll be Heath Miller’s understudy.

20.05: Jonas Gray — Remember that 37-201-4 game? Yeah, that’s probably it.

And with no commentary (and there was much rejoicing), here’s the DFW draft from the 2 slot:

1.02: Dez Bryant
2.11: Jimmy Graham
3.02: Russell Wilson
4.11: Allen Robinson
5.02: Golden Tate
6.11: Alfred Morris
7.02: Andre Ellington
8.11: Mike Wallace
9.02: Justin Forsett
10.11: Dwayne Allen
11.02: Javorius Allen
12.11: Vincent Jackson
13.02: Knile Davis
14.11: Terrance West
15.02: Sammie Coates

I jumped on QB/TE early, didn’t hit RB until the 6th round and that’s what I have so far. I can’t quit the Forsett/Allen stack. In this draft I completely ignored rookies until the 15th round. For the greatest example of #rookiederangementsyndrome I’ve seen yet, Tyler Lockett went 5.11.

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