Going for 2: Vanderbilt’s Worst Day, Flags, and Dark Beer

I had Sharona back so naturally we couldn’t share with a guest. I do have someone lined up for next week, a former Ask Your FF Expert interviewee because that’s my pool.

I opened with rape. I had to juxtapose Vanderbilt’s impending baseball national title with the fact that two former football players were released from prison on a technicality. I’ll let Jessica Luther, the SI reporter who covered the story tell the tale.

Naturally we had to lighten things up so we went to the “epic” news that the Tennessee Titans have a new stadium sponsor. The Titans have had a coliseum, a field and now Nissan Stadium. I hear Mariota drives one of their cars. This will not affect the price of a bottle of water. The first stadium sponsor, Adelphia, went out of business and I think was attached to the mob. Who knows what happened with LP. “Let’s Build Something”, indeed.

You can’t have a lighthearted conversation about sports without talking about “the flag” and I guess I wasn’t direct enough with Sharona as I had to add detail. I meant the Confederate battle flag that’s been disappearing around the south, at least on government buildings. Not surprisingly, Sharona goes on the “let history be history” side.

We talked a bit as to why she was in Florida the past two weeks. I already have dibs on being her “assistant” if she heads to this NFL and UN gathering in Europe next year.

Beers of the week: I had Unibroue’s Trois Pistoles, since I’m all into that “100 on Beer Advocate” beer swag and Sharona had her Dragon’s Milk.

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