Beer(s) of the Week: Brown Ale Bomber Party

I saved two beers for Friday night’s Women’s World Cup soccer double feature. The double part was canceled when Germany/France went into double secret probation overtime, penalty kicks which were live and not part of his recording so once we knew how it ended, we didn’t need to see the entire movie.

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I love brown ales. In my beer “evolution” I went from semi-hating the cheap stuff to Bass to Newcastle to Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale then all bets were off. Corsendonk’s Pater/Abbey Brown Ale pushed me over the edge for good. Bitter and beer need to be friends with benefits, not partners for life. I like some sweetness in my beer.

To continue this journey, I purchased two bombers for the evening. The first was Mudhoney by Burnt Hickory Brewing. This is a local brewery that’s celebrating the loosening of Georgia’s restrictive in-brewery laws by having a midnight tour next week and I’m seriously considering making the trip. I’ve never had one of their beers although I’ve been holding onto one of their Fighting Bishop Triples for a while.

Really Old Brown Dog Ale and Mudhoney

Is the beer based on the band? I have no idea. It’s actually not listed on the brewery’s site even though they have a list of regulars, quarterly offerings and some of their greatest hits of the past. According to Beer Advocate, this is a one-off beer so I probably could have saved this bomber for a future bottle exchange.

Because of the honey in the name I assumed it would have a potentially overpowering sweetness. I once had a beer called Truck Stop Honey and it was that way. This one wasn’t. It had that dark chocolate bitter finish, kind of like a black IPA, and the sweetness was hidden. I saw a review on BA that said “aggressively hopped” and I agree. At 6% it’s not a killer in the booze content. I may have to revisit this one some day.

The second bomber was a different version of a beer that I’ve already had in high quantity. That beer is Smuttynose’s Old Brown Dog, which next to He’Brew’s Messiah Nut Brown Ale is in high rotation in my fridge. The bomber I found was called Really Old Brown Dog Ale. I saw it listed on the site but never actually found an example, so I was in. Plus, I’m old.

This was the stuff. It had the sweetness I prefer, nice carbonation, and boy was it boozy. It had a little bit of fruit in there, kind of like my beloved Corsendonk. It’s 11% so yeah quite a transition from the 6%. There’s the smell of old ale although that might just be booze.

I’ll be back with an actual trip to the Burnt Hickory Brewery later this week as Georgia kind of, sort of joins the 21st century by loosening up their beer laws in the next edition of Beer(s) of the Week.

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