Scott Fish Bowl 360: Day One Hangouts

In addition to the interview madness, I decided to put on my hangout hat and do some live Google chats with Scott Fish Bowl participants.

Scott Fish Bowl invitational #sfb360

Interview with the boss: Scott works nights so I had to catch him during the day. We chatted this afternoon about how this crazy league structure started and became this year’s 360-team extravaganza. In true Zach hangout fashion, Scott had a beer with him (after all, it was after 5 p.m. to his internal clock). It’s kind of nuts that one person keeps up with this whole crew, as I found out when I decided to interview the lot of them.

Scott chat:

When you schedule a “loose” hangout, you never know what you’re going to get. From my many weeks with Sharona doing #goingfor2, I know what a pain it can be getting into a hangout and keeping it going for the entire time without technical difficulties. I invited the whole draft community into the hangout and nobody took me up on the offer. I’m not afraid of pulling content out of my posterior so I continued on, chatting about all 30 drafts.

The drafts started today at noon and the fact that one of the 30 drafts is almost into the 5th round is a marvel of efficiency. My own league is in the third round and I’m looking forward to adding some “normal” personalities to go with my Marshawn/Gronk combo.

And you can’t complete a blog post without some click bait. Here’s the Conan/Gronk/Marshawn/Mortal Combat video that’s a must-see and is so not safe for work or humanity:

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