Fantasy Football Draft Recap: King Of the Hill Superflex Madness

Since the SFB ate my soul and dominated this site for weeks, I didn’t post anything else and even slowed down on my obsessive drafting. When I interviewed Mr. Fish about his crazy creation he told me about another league concept that involved four divisions, a similar scoring system, and English Premiere League-style relegation and ascension. Welcome to the King of the Hill.

That’s one thing soccer has over our football. Relegation and ascension means if your team doesn’t cut it, they get dropped to the next level down, kind of like a baseball team being sent to the minors. In football, I guess the Bucs and Titans would be moved to the SEC or something. The King of the Hill leagues have 48 total owners, a pittance compared to SFB, playing with fairly similar rules with a couple of exceptions. Like SFB, it’s superflex, only QB-RB-WR-TE with a QB-2RB-3WR-1TE base and four flex positions, one of which can be a QB. Exception one is 1.5 points per TE reception. Exception two is it’s a best-ball league.

I’ve started to admire best-ball leagues, especially considering the volume of invites I get. I’m already committed to three starting lineup submissions per week and one more might lead me to insanity. Best ball offers different strategic options as well. You’re not worried about taking a boom-bust guy like Martavis Bryant, as you’ll get his 4-140-2 weeks and he’ll be safely benched on those zero-catch weeks. This is especially important when you wait on QB and have to start two guys that normally would lead to public embarrassment if you started them otherwise.

My strategy was to wait on QB. In my first SFB, I took Aaron Rodgers at 1.02 and didn’t have a strong team. In this year’s SFB I took Cam Newton in the 4th but otherwise was pretty relaxed at the position. Here’s what I did this time:

1.02: Le’Veon Bell — I mean come on, .25 points a carry, PPR, stud, etc.
2.11: Calvin Johnson — He ain’t dead yet.
3.02: Mike Evans — Bring on the TD train.
4.11: Andre Ellington — “If healthy” all star
5.02: CJ Spiller — It’s my first share. Feels kind of dirty.
6.11: Teddy Bridgewater — Maybe he doesn’t explode on the scene but I like the potential.
7.02: Joe Flacco — I waited, so I had to go back-to-back. Flacco’s finished as a QB1 for seasonal once in seven years, but in a week-to-week situation he isn’t going to kill me.
8.11: Nelson Agholor — Gotta love those Philly receiving options in best ball.
9.02: Tyler Eifert — TEs flew off the board.
10.11: DeVante Paker — Sigmund Bloom keeps saying that he could be this year’s “human” OBJ.
11.02: Tre Mason — Again, best ball
12.11: Dwayne Allen — I take him too much.
13.02: Mark Sanchez — I’m playing the QB3 by committee and it’s almost a guarantee that he starts.
14.11: Jay Ajayi — Backup time
15.02: Jace Amaro — Needed a third TE
16.11: Tyler Lockett — Hearing good things out of training camp
17.02: Malcom Floyd — Another best-ball guy to target
18.11: Danny Amendola — Proved last year that he’s not dead yet.
19.02: Khiry Robinson — Has a role if Ingram or Spiller get hurt.
20.11: Tyrod Taylor — This year’s Terrelle Pryor/Komani Code all star

I have middling but breathing QBs, young upside tight ends that most likely will scrape bottom, and a pretty solid RB/WR group. The irony is I’m probably going to feel less attached to the best-ball teams because of the lack of in-season management and the subsequent smack talk. You take the good and the bad, I suppose.

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