Week 1 Worries: Dude, Where’s My Team?

Week 1 Worries

We are #teamdejenerate, the people who get excited when MFL10s open up minutes after the end of the Super Bowl. The benefit of early drafting is you can get ahead of the curve. The downside is that ACLs tear and there’s no assumption of ideal roster management by NFL franchises. A roster that looks magnifique when the 20 rounds are over can become a devastating nightmare a month or two later.

When you get in the dynasty game you have a feel for player valuations that change by the minute and how your WR1 in Victor Cruz can become borderline unrosterable. This can prepare you emotionally for the downfall of MFL10 squads and other early draft results.

I thought it would be fun, and at the same time painful, to cover my rosters of teams I’ve drafted in the past couple months to see how they’ve changed in value since then. I do have a lot of teams so I’ll try the comments relatively light per franchise.

Hello, i like booze, “TheStreetFA”-hosted best ball, draft ended June 15, #11 slot: I have a Matt Cassel share? Gross. I lost Kelvin Benjamin, took Davante Adams, and a name I’ll remember in infamy, Jace Amaro.

MFL Draft only league 19788 (started June 26, pick #7): I got a middle of the round pick? How odd. My wideouts are amazing (Dez/AJ Green/Tate/Steve Smith/Quick/Stevie Johnson), the RBs less so (Joique, Gurley, Jennings, Matthews, Buck Allen, Dan Herron). Geno Smith is my QB3 at least. I only took Bortles in the 18th because Cam and Geno had the same bye week.

MFL Draft-only league 33954 (started July 2, pick #11): Throwing Garoppolo in there in the 20th round to back up Brady/Romo makes me sad based on fliers I could have selected. The Foster/Gurley/Ingram/Lynch start means tightness in RB land. My WRs started pretty well for passing on the position until 5.11 thanks in part to another Davante Adams share and my favorite late-round flier, Danny Amendola.

Scott Fish Bowl: The draft started the Monday after July 4. This is a 22-round draft with no team D/K, so you go deeper than most. I drafted Jonas Gray and Tyler Gaffney, both of whom are no longer on the active Pats roster. Again, Davante Adams and Danny Amendola went from fliers to potential Week 1 starters. There are waivers, so I’ll be spending my free agent bucks like a drunken Jerry Jones.

King of the Hill, superflex, 22 rounds, best ball, #2 slot: I like the Teddy/Flacco/Sanchez/TyGod QB group. CJ Spiller and Tre Mason’s value really hinge on their Week 1 availability. It’s yet another Danny Amendola share, plus Tyler Lockett/DeVante Parker late to go with Calvin/Evans early. Jace Amaro is the rear-view mirror all-star.

MFL10 Draft-only league 10053 (started August 11, ended August 18, #2 slot): Kevin White in the 10th round was a bad idea. At least he might come back in Week 7. I also drafted Jace Amaro. Honestly, if you start the season with all 20 draftees in an MFL10, you’re ahead of the game. I have 18.

MFL10 Draft-only league 34896 (started August 10, #3 slot): It’s another Gurley share. Dude. Martavis Bryant, Roddy White, and Brandon LaFell have dropped in value. Oh yeah, Kevin White at 8.10. I only have three WRs who will be active in Week 1, and there are three starting slots.

Going for 2 Live Auction (completed August 26, MFL10-style where you have to roster 20 players with $200): My Cutler-Fitz-TyGod cheapo QB trio may survive. Did I mention that I have a few Ajayi shares? Basically I picked up Le’Veon/Lacy with DeAngelo at RB and pretty much nothing else. Sometimes 20 players isn’t enough.

Zealots 34 (dynasty league): Kevin White at the 1.04 rookie pick is a long-term deal. Joique Bell’s not helping me early in the season. I picked up three UDFA rookie RBs and none of them made a squad. I’m starting Kendall Wright and Heath Miller if you haven’t had a laugh in a few paragraphs.

AUFL (keeper league, draft was August 22): I’m still feeling good with Eli Manning as the 15th QB off the board. I have to decide whether to start Allen Robinson/DeSean Jackson/Nelson Agholor as my WR2. I’ve been waiting on that top waiver pick for almost 2.5 weeks and Danny Woodhead’s lined up and will immediately go into my flex spot. Of course with all this time to think, I may end up holding onto Isaiah Crowell. I’m fine with Gurley missing Week 1. After all, it is a keeper league.

That didn’t hurt too much, did it? We’re two days away and I’m already feeling it from having drafted so many teams. I’m not sure how the 100-plus MFL10ers feel.

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