Going for 2: Scott Fish and Waivers

After some guest-free weeks, Sharona was good enough to bring on Scott Fishbowl namesake and mastermind, um, Scott Fish. He had a rare opportunity to talk at night as he was about to hit the Caribbean with his wife to celebrate 10 years of wedded bliss.

Check out Sharona and Zach's Going for 2 show

Enough of that domestic bliss. What did we cover? I had to ask Scott again about his tortured league genius, coming up with new leagues, the sadness of putting Fantasy Football Oasis to bed and the bliss of being part of the Dynasty League Football team, and the ultimate wildness, developmental leagues. I’ve never played in such a league but it’s like a dynasty league that allows you to draft players who are as young as seniors in high school.

After that interlude Sharona and I were alone again, her to sip Dragon’s Milk and me to pound Bells Best Brown. We talked about hating waivers, my upcoming trip to Nashville, and our too many fantasy teams.

Scott won the hat contest. A guest should never win the hat contest. Or should the guest always win? Check out the show, it’s a hell of a ride.

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