Going for Two: We All Deserve to Be Slapped Edition

Early in this week’s show, I used a Larry Miller quote: “If women knew what men were thinking, they’d never stop slapping us.” I’m pretty sure Sharona didn’t think that was funny. Of course that wasn’t the goal. The goal was to introduce the bevy of “men behaving badly and nobody being shocked about it” stories that intersect between football and real life.

Atlanta sports radio host Mike Bell referred to Jessica Mendoza, the first woman to do play-by-play for a nationally televised baseball playoff game, as “Tits McGee”. He got suspended and the immediate reaction was supportive of the former Stanford softball player, not the local hack who made me glad again that I stopped listening to local sports radio. There is an angry backlash that’s borderline violent if women join the male circle of sports coverage.

One woman who hasn’t received this kind of vitriol was Katie Nolan of FSI who offered a rant on “unsuspended” Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy. This is only the second time I’ve been exposed to Nolan, and I know, poor choice of words there. The last time was her doing a “beer mile” in which you have to chug a beer at the beginning of four quarter-mile laps around a track. Let’s just say that it’s good to hear a female voice responding to Greg Hardy’s obvious “don’t give a fuck” response to his year-plus suspension for domestic violence. Let’s see if other men behaving badly are given the same treatment when they aren’t such an easy target.

The poor NFL tries to go one month without a player getting suspended and Titans rookie Dorial Green-Beckham gets arrested for an unpaid parking ticket. He paid his fine and it appears there will be no consequences from the league but don’t forget that part of the reason why he got kicked out of the University of Missouri was a situation involving a woman being allegedly pushed down a flight of stairs. And weed.

We tried to lighten up again and talk about her poor Tennessee Vols (more like poor fans) who have gone from high hopes to circling the drain. Also, my Missouri Tigers who apparently invented the concept of Homecoming bring in the Florida Gators, beneficiaries of one of Tennessee’s choke jobs and crushed the #3 Mississippi Rebels last week.

The Thursday night game actually turned out to be pretty entertaining, but we were struggling to find positive things to say about the Colts and the Texans with no clear stud QBs on board.

I’ll pause here to give some link love to Sharona. She does play-by-play for the Thursday night and Monday night games for rabble.tv. This is such a simple concept it’s brilliant and I’m pissed that someone else thought about it. Fans “call” their team’s games. They can’t do video due to copyright but audio of the game is legal and I’m going to listen to the Titans/Bills as I RedZone myself into a coma this upcoming Sunday.

Check out Sharona’s PPI article on eSports. It’s more than just Madden but that’s a good cover image anyway.

If you want to keep up with someone who’s been on the women in sports “beat” and yeah, poor choice of words, follow the Sharonaster on Twitter.

I’m not sure exactly what was that pink thing she was drinking. Like last week’s show, I had Blackstone’s Nut Brown Ale and Chocolate Milk Stout.

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