Beers of the Week: Thanksgiving Dessert Attack

A lot of people have multiple Thanksgiving gatherings. It’s the only way to fly. On Thanksgiving this year, my wife and I did dinner with the brother, sister-in-law, parents, and nephews, but that was merely the appetizer.

My wife is fab and Thanksgiving was proof. She spent five hours in the kitchen making two desserts and barely touched either of them. The first one was a pumpkin gooey cake and it’s kind of exactly what you think. Imagine a just-cooked pumpkin pie, almost liquid, topping a layer of yellow cake. Yep. The second dessert was a chocolate cake, all homemade, for our friends at the second stop.

I’ve talked about Don in this space before. For a few years he was the keeper of the Sunday Ticket so we spent many a Sunday emptying bottles and cheering our real and fantasy teams on. Thursday was Denise’s (Don’s wife) birthday so we brought a cake, an unopened set of Cards Against Humanity, and dessert beer.


I found that as I collected beers and put some in our guest bedroom, I was getting a bit heavy on dessert beers. I needed to divest. Here were the beers that we sampled together as we said inappropriate things to each other thanks to the Cards:

Westbrook Weisse Weisse baby: This is one of Westbrook’s rotating beers so it’s seasonal and limited. It’s a Berliner Weisse beer brewed with lemon and coconut. The lemon is what hits you first, and it tastes a bit like a sour. My wife even had a sip and gave it the thumbs up. Plus it’s only 4%, which means I could drink most of the bottle myself. The bomber was six or seven bucks and I doubt I’ll get my hand on another bottle sadly.

Oskar Blues Death by Coconut: The can says it’s an Irish Porter but this is pretty much a boozy Almond Joy. I was surprised when passing it around for tastes that I got any back. It is one of the most expensive “cans” I’ve ever bought ($14.99 for a four-pack) but it’s worth it for every sip. It slaps you upside the head with coconut-ty goodness.

Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter: When you think porter, you don’t automatically think “easy drinking”. It’s dark, it’s sweet, smooth and you can sip away for hours with a relatively light 5.9% booze content. This is in heavy winter beer rotation.

Because I’m a quitter, my last beer of the evening was Ommegang’s Rosetta. It’s a cherry beer. It’s a mix of a tart Flemish brown ale and a Cuvee Brut (Kriek style). So sweet, so tart, it’s the cherry beer I’ve been dreaming of and now I have to go to the store and buy some more.

There’s a time and place for dessert beers. It could be a substitute for actual dessert, a compliment to one more round of Thanksgiving gluttony, or just something to sip on a football afternoon. What’s great about the current beer industry is you get to find exactly the flavor profile you’re looking for, and it’s generally not just one beer covering the style. Find your style.

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