Wide screen, narrow focus for Hateful Eight

I was prepared for Hateful Eight. Before the movie I had a hearty meal along with a Vanderghinste Oud Bruin and a Petrus Aged Red. While I appreciate the option of getting a “shorty”, when ordering beer like that go for the full size. I pretended “Across 110th Street” was playing in the background as I walked, in slow motion for effect and because of my back, with my rain jacket fill with cans of beer, picked especially for the occasion.

The restaurant was a bit slow-paced so when we got to the theatre we had to sit in the second row. I remarked that the last time I sat that close was Boogie Nights, and the final scene was a bit too three-D for my tastes. I handed my friend a Westbrook Gose while I had an Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose.

The opening couple of chapters briefly allowed the 70 mm majesty to work but it was a close-in kind of movie. And this movie belonged to Samuel L Jackson, although Kirk Russell’s walrus-length mustache was pretty solid.

I wasn’t sure if I’d make it to the intermission. After two Goses and the beer at the restaurant, I was thinking that I might have to sneak out. Luckily Samuel L’s pistol went off and it was time.

My act two beer? Oskar Blues’ Death by Coconut, of course. I had read a total takedown of the movie before I entered, so I was prepared for it to disappoint. I’d say it did if you haven’t seen a Tarantino movie. I do feel like the plot needed a polish, as the way it worked out was a bit confusing (the moving back in time felt forced rather than strengthening the story like in Pulp Fiction).

Ultimately it was an experience. We don’t have intermissions anymore. Sure the movie was a bit longer than needed, but all the Tarantino regulars bring their A game and that’s what you’re looking for. Plus I get a cool booklet.

There will never be an experience like seeing Pulp Fiction with no idea about the plot. It’s going to be the high water for Tarantino’s career, but I’m still there in the first week if he’s going to keep producing films. He says two more. I bet that gets expanded, like the running length of his movies.

If you have the 70 mm version available in your city, see it now. Here’s the trailer.

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