Going for 2: Three People, More Beer

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I get mixed feelings when I think about the number of great people I’ve met in the past decade or so of being a football degenerate. I feel amazing to have met so many people of substance and I feel bad because I don’t interact as often as I should. When “researching” for this week’s show I saw that I had talked to Jody Smith in May of 2013 and October of 2014. We’re on pace to talk again by the 2017 NFL draft. Let’s make it more often, shall we?

There haven’t been too many shows in which I get out beer’d by a guest. Jody is in that illustrious crowd. Jody started with an IPA because he does what Twitter tells him, then he moved on to the legendary Pumpkinator. I know the hangout beer rules. If you bring a beer into your “studio”, said beer is going to be consumed by the time the show is over.

We went totally freeform this week. The Super Bowl came up, naturally, but it was just the kind of conversation friends have who have been in the “biz” a while. Jody’s been in a fantasy football league since the early 90s and it’s still touchdown only. That’s amazing. I thought my league entering its 17th year was an accomplishment.

Sharona and I were transparent about our rooting interest, although I think we’d be fine with Peyton getting that one last W. Then he can spend more time on his commercials.

It’s an extra-long show for an extra-long offseason that’s about to kick off.

Oh, I asked Jody if the Texans were the worst playoff team in NFL history in part to recall my “worst football game ever attended” when the Titans lost to that team by almost 30 at home.

Beer count:

Jody: some Texas IPA I couldn’t recall, Pumpkinator
Sharona: Yuengling Porter
Zach: Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose, Ommegang Three Philosophers

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