My First MFL10: Who Are These Rookies?

I decided to roll my winnings (that’s the $50 I won for my second place in an MFL25 last year plus the one free league for coming in second in an MFL10, BTW I lost money last year) from 2015 into 2016 leagues. I had a net of $60 to play with so I thought as an experiment, let’s try a pre-draft MFL10.

MFL10s, for the uninitiated, are leagues in which you pay $10, play against 12 other owners and the winner gets $100 (the runner-up gets a free league in the following year). You draft and you’re done. When I played in 2014, kickers were part of the 20-man rosters but they disappeared in 2015 after a brief but fierce debate over “team kicker”. I’d love it if they dumped team defenses too but I guess you have to draw in the masses somehow.

There was no way that I was joining a private league. Last year in most of the leagues I joined I was in a sea of sharks so I thought let’s go public. I signed up Saturday morning, when I had a triple-brewery experience planned, and of course the league started at 1, lining up nicely with my boozing. I got through the first two picks, making the second at 6 p.m. Somehow by 10, my third-round pick was up and I timed out. That is one of the downsides of the MFL10, the timing out. Also the ADP set up in the league is a little busted so the guy who timed out in the 13th round got C.J. Uzomah.

Here are my picks then I can chat about strategy. League link is here and check out the draft slash rosters.

1.09: Dez Bryant (did you hear the cheering from Jersey from Jen?)
2.04: Keenan Allen (his per-game scoring was insane last year, but look at me going injury-heavy early)
3.09: DeVante Parker (the dreaded time out, and this guy is seriously ADPing above Brandon Marshall? OK)
4.04: Dion Lewis (ACL ain’t nothin)
5.09: Jonathan Stewart (it’s a pre-injury pick)
6.04: Duke Johnson (pass-catching guys have higher floors)
7.09: Stefon Diggs (not injured, but had a bit of a rookie wall at the end of 2015)
8.04: Delanie Walker (the price still is nice)
9.09: Willie Snead (imagine taking him where everyone took Brandon Coleman last year)
10.04: Bilal Powell (hoping his late-season surge continues)
11.09: Carson Palmer (QBs were cheap)
12.04: Isaiah Crowell (so few every-down backs on this squad, now I have the Browns locked down)
13.09: Ben Watson (sure he’s old, but so is Brees)
14.04: Tyrod Taylor (it’s not a team without #tygod)
15.09: Jeff Janis (chugging the kool-aid)
16.04: Seahawks D (a few rounds cheaper than 2015)
17.09: Crockett Gillmore (needed a TE3)
18.04: Ryan Fitzpatrick (MFL10s need to be QB-flex, so much depth)
19.09: Falcons D
20.04: Colts D

There are a few things I always do in MFL10s. I always draft three defenses. I lean toward pass-catching RBs. I draft tons of wide receivers. I never come in first place.

Here’s where I had to adjust due to the timing. I was interested in Ezekiel Elliot but he went in the third round. You’re paying for a healthy rookie Todd Gurley but other than him, I wasn’t interested in rookies because honestly I don’t know their names and without the associated teams, it wasn’t worth my time. I decided to go with a third QB since I didn’t know bye weeks and Ryan Fitzpatrick in the 18th round was robbery, kind of like getting Blake Bortles around that range last year (after Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown in some leagues). Last year’s “smart money” was to go RB-heavy early and that didn’t work much at all. I was destined to take two WRs, especially late in the first round, and I probably would have picked a different player with my third-round pick.

The worries are many with this team. At RB, I’m super thin the week that the Browns are on a bye and I’m depending on a guy like Lewis to be a RB1, which he was but the track record is thin. I only have six WRs and if Janis is buried again (coaching staff doesn’t seem to like him and his “breakout” game in the Cardinals game was based on not one but two Hail Mary-type plays), I have five. My TEs should be fine and cost nothing. As for team defense, I hate it so much and even though the Seahawks should be really good again, I went with the insurance of taking three.

I’m probably going to wait for MFL25s to open up to do another one, because the $50 prize for second place is a nice consolation prize. Everyone will be worn out from early MFL10s at that point.

If you want a real feel for how players are rated, there’s nothing better than an MFL10. It’s worth it for the $10 and who knows, you might come out on top.

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