Going for Two: Former Tennessee Titans Writer Support Group

When I heard that Thomas Gower was giving up his Total Titans gig, focusing on writing about franchises that were more sane (31 names come to mind), I knew he was the perfect guest. After all, Sharona and I know all about covering the team that loves to confound its die-hard supporters.

It is free agency, a time when the most desperate teams make the splash and the perennial contenders sip tea. When the offseason is all but invisible, you have to stay relevant somehow. The Titans made a few moves:

DeMarco Murray: A fourth-round trade up which seems like nothing (13 spots) but according to Thomas the “value” is a fifth-round pick. I prefer keeping the same number of picks since the team needs bodies. The main issue with Murray is even if he’s on the same talent level as his 2014 Offensive Player of the Year caliber, he doesn’t have the offensive line that the Cowboys did and still do, the Titans most likely will still be losing most of the time, making an “exotic smashmouth” offense moot and by the time the team does turn around things, he’ll be an over-the-hill running back.

Still, he’ll sell some jerseys.

Ben Jones: It appears that he’s an average center, which means that he’s a step up from last year’s disaster. The Titans had bad OL play along with bad injury luck. With Jones, they have three sure-fire starters with a possible need at left guard and a certain need at right tackle.

Matt Cassel: Watch your ass, Zach Mettenberger. It’s possible, not close to probable, that Cassel might have held out for one of the QB-desperate teams but he’s set now.

Special beer of the week: For my third (yes, third) beer of the evening I had a Dogfish Head Immort Ale. As I’ve mentioned too many times, I have a Total Wine near where I work so once a week I wander the aisles. I had a rare experience of shopping some bargains, but saw this one single beer that I purchased that I had heard good things about. Dogfish Head is known for their 120 Minute IPA, and many other beers of that style.


The notes of maple, vanilla and oak are what brought me in. Clocking in at an impressive 11%, this was a ‘closer’. It’s not surprising that I could taste the booze off the top. The maple and oak were pretty prominent, and I’ve discovered that maple syrup makes a beer a bit too sweet, and this is from a guy who loves beer with sweetness. It’s a good beer, but I’m glad I only bought one.

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