Beer(s) of the Week: Rodenbach Alexander, 16 Years Later

I’ve talked about cellaring beers before in this space. I stated that it would be hard to hold onto a beer for a year, let alone almost two decades. If you wanted to taste Rodenbach Brewery’s Alexander, you had to find a bottle from 2000. I’m not going to trip over myself running to get every limited-edition beer as half a dozen come to my local bottle shop every week. For a “legendary” Belgian sour, I was excited enough to make a Friday afternoon trip.

That’s the advantage of working from home on Fridays. Instead of taking a normal lunch, make a beer run. I heard Alexander was heading to Greens courtesy of their Twitter feed last week. On Friday around 2 p.m., they announced the arrival of the beer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.59.24 PM

I got the tweet at 2:12. At 2:45 I was at the store and two other beer geeks waited as the store beer manager brought additional cases of the beer out of the back. I grabbed the maximum of two. It’s $14.99 a bomber, reaching my high end on what I’ll pay, but for a once a 16 years beer, sounds good. The current plan is to drink one soon and save another one. I’m up to almost 10 beers in my cellaring rotation.

Other beers I bought:

Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose: I super love their blood orange gose. The briney melon version was once only available part-time in bombers and now they’re in pretty green cans. The briny is strong but you’ll get used to it.

Westbrook Gose: Other goses are better with added flavoring. This beer is perfect as-is, sweet and salty and fast-drinkable at 4% booze.

Wild Heaven Civilization: This is the brewery’s English-style barleywine, a style not previously available in bottles. I have to say upon a tasting that I’m not sure if this comes close to the deliciousness that is their Eschaton (quad), but I have three more bottles to test.

Avery Twenty Three: It’s an anniversary ale, a dark farmhouse ale. I’ve tried this style once and thought I’d add to my bomber collection. This one qualifies for the “drink it soon” brigade and I’ll post a review once I quaff this one.

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