Beer(s) of the Week: Inventory Time

Before the inventory, in which I collected all my beers from a purchase I made after a trip to a local beer sanctuary called the Brick Store in which I excitedly discussed Johnny Manziel with a friend’s partner who previously had showed zero interest in football (that will show him) to a beer run I made today to procure beach beer, although I already have plenty of brews that will qualify for that trip, I will cover three beers I’ve tried in the past week.

Jekyll Brewing Redneck Christmas Stout: Have I tried a beer with a better name? It’s tough to say. Do you remember getting a cocoa variety pack as a child? You were used to the powdered type, maybe with the little dehydrated marshmallows. This beer was like the mint chocolate version of that. The mint was the first flavor, one that I haven’t often sampled in beer form. This was from my “winter” stash that I got at a discount at Total Wine. Pretty darn tasty, if I may say.


Avery 23rd anniversary: I dive in when there’s a mix of beer styles that I like. This bomber was a Brettanomyces-fermented beer with Belgian dark malts. The “funk” is still a style that needs a little more time for me to determine whether it’s for me. That literal funk is interesting but needs to have a lot of incorporated flavor. The funk overpowered the dark, but it was worth the try.


Rodenbach Alexander: I wrote about the experience of stalking a beer on Twitter. It’s weird to look this one up online because most of the reviews are of a 16+-year old beer. The new one is the sour cherry beer of your dreams. I sipped this while watching playoff hockey, wearing a relatively old “throwback” Sidney Crosby jersey. It’s worth the $15 and I’m not sure if I can hold onto the other bottle for long.

Onto the inventory:

Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose: 14
Westbrook Gose: 8
Cigar City Maduro: 6 (just bought a sixer, remember having a Vanilla version of this brown ale a while back)
Kona Koko Brown: 6 (part of my coconut ale collection)
New Belgium Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale: 5 (bought a sixer, didn’t enjoy this dessert beer, trying to decide how to deal with this)
Anderson Valley Briney Melon: 5
Sierra Nevada Otra Vez: 4
Red Brick Hype Whale: 4 (a bourbon-barrel stout that I like)
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale: 4
Kirsch Gose: 4 (seasonal, back in style, more budget version of the Rodenbach)
Monday Night Cinnamon Cocoa Drafty Kilt: 3 (another beer I tried out, the cinnamon reminds me too much of Fireball)
Unibroue Trois Pistoles: 3 (a beer that lives up to its amazing name and bottle design)
Evil Twin Sour Bikini: 3
New Holland Cabin Fever: 2
Wild Heaven Civilization: 2 (not sure how I feel about the barleywine style, quite boozy but an odd mix)
Small Town Not Your Father’s Root Beer: 2 (wife liked it for a while, probably need to take it to a party and pass it on)
Founders Breakfast Stout: 2 (turns out I don’t dig beers that are heavy on coffee)
Evil Twin/Two Roads Geyser Gose: 2 (Gose that includes Icelandic moss, tastes that good)
Abita Strawberry: 2
Bells Cherry Stout: 1
Ommegang Rosetta: 1

Whew. I’m going to save the bombers, the ones that I intend to cellar (hold onto for at least a year) and the ones that are for a special occasion later.

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