Going for Two: Two Football Diehards Editions

I haven’t been posting my Going for Two shows, so I’m going to cheat and get the last two on here.

Two weeks ago we brought on multi-time guest Jen Ryan to talk about her Cowboys, MFL10 overload, attending a live draft in DC and drinking cider with a straw. I’m pretty sure she was the first guest in show history to drink cider with a straw. I’m not sure if that’s hard core but when you’re in Jersey, you do what you want.

Last week we brought on an industry legend. Everyone knows Bob Harris but to experience him is a completely different thing. His “Love it or Die” t-shirt is perfect for the episode. Bob was in the industry so long ago that he used to record box scores and have people call a 900 number to get them on Sundays. He had a fax service and got a friend to call all 32 NFL teams to get injury reports. He’s now part of the Football Diehards family and does a Sirius XM show, in fact he had just finished a “short” one-hour show before joining us. He has boundless energy and that’s good since he probably won’t sleep again until February.

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