Going for Two: Fantasy Football Leagues, Oh My

Last night on Going for Two, it was a duo show as our guest, hopefully coming on next week, couldn’t make it. We were fine because there’s always something to talk about in the wild and crazy world of sports. Yes, I’m wearing a Terrible Towel and opening a beer with my teeth. It was hot and I was thirsty.

We discussed:

Our potential two leagues (one redraft, one auction) and when we’re having them/who’s joining. As of now it’s looking like we will revive the 2015 auction league with a live auction on August 31. I’m aiming to have a redraft on September 7, the night before the NFL season starts.

My only idea to make kicker/team D “interesting” in fantasy would be to have a kicker spot, a team defense spot, and a “flex” that’s kicker/team D. Even that left Sharona and America bored. Kickers, we’re just not into you.

We had to chuckle at the Rams and Jeff Fisher on Hard Knocks. Decades from now we’ll look back and marvel at the mediocrity.

I mentioned my podcasts of the week, comparing the styles of The Audible and RotoViz dealing with their “team preview” series.

Anyone who’s anyone should listen to the On the Couch with Sigmund and Bob Harris, like two guys breathing football for 55 minutes.

Should I throw in my Beer of the Week for fun? It’s not an actual beer but me going to a brewery. Oh, let’s show the show first then I’ll get into the beer-fueled madness.

My Monday Night Brewing experience: My local breweries are getting all growned up. A couple of months ago my beer sidekick Steve and I went to Orpheus for their second anniversary and it was a river of special-edition beers. We barely survived, only by fortifying ourselves with pizza afterward. We had Steve’s partner drive us, and I recalled that the last time I saw him, he was gushing about Johnny Football who had just been drafted by the Browns (he’s from Cleveland and really doesn’t care about sports). This time he had the Cavaliers to talk about. We got in line for the 2 p.m. opening. As is the usual routine, you get an arm band and a glass full of tickets.


How the tickets worked: You got 12 tickets. According to Georgia’s archaic beer laws you can get 36 ounces of “free” beer with a “tour” of the brewery. Each ticket is supposed to represent three ounces and you could get up to 12 ounces on one tasting. I went with the three all day and I’d say I got a heavy pour every time. There were beer stations all over the place, about 35 total beers being served. My faves:

Bourbon-barrel Drafty Kilt: Drafty Kilt is their Scotch ale and the bourbon was smoothly encorporated. I had the 2014 and the 2015 vintage. The 2014 was the only beer to “run out” while we were there.

Georgia Imperial Stout: Very stout-ish, dark and boozy, kind of bitter, what you’d expect in a stout.

Tie 4 on Belgian Quad: This is one of their limited beers. You get that candy sugar flavor.

Brandy Barrel Tie 4 on Belgian Quad: I had never tasted brandy before. It was a little sweet from my recollection.


We finished our 12 tickets by 5, sweated a lot and went for some Vietnamese food. I decided to show off my amazing beer consumption skills by having three more beers at home. Never finish with the Quad and go to bed less than an hour later.

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