Fantasy files: Why I prefer MFL25s to MFL10s

As I watch the superfluous catches of Philip Supernaw for the Titans, it’s time to talk MFL25.

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I became acquainted with the MFL10 cult a couple of years ago. I played one league and finished in second, earning me a free league the following year. I stepped up last year, joining my first MFL25. The only difference between an MFL10 and MFL25 is that the latter pays out for second place. An MFL10 pays $100 for the winner and a free league the following year for the runner-up. An MFL25 pays $200 for the winner, $50 for the runner-up and a free league for third place. I’ve never won an MFL10 or MFL25 but I’ve been in second multiple times and I like getting something out of that spot.

I did two MFL10s in February and May to get a feel for player value. I did four MFL25s in the past couple of weeks because it’s time for real ball. I did join the third and fourth leagues while the first one was wrapping up. I meant to space things out but I was trying to get into a league with my friend Jen Ryan and she didn’t make the first MFL25 so I said screw it and joined two at once.

It’s good to have friends in these leagues but I make a point to go public, and Jen was out of town this weekend and had a couple of auto-drafts so I’m hoping that evens us out. She’s currently in 38th place overall with 85 total leagues.

Last year the clear “winner” strategy was to go RB-RB to start. Wide receivers were plentiful. In 2016, the strategy is the opposite. I went with the flow and drafted WR heavy in all four, although the last two are only in the fourth round so it’s hard to tell what my fantasy-addled mind will do.

In the one that finished, I took five WRs in a row. This was my strategy from the start. I had the ninth pick and it felt like a reach when I took my third through fifth rounders. My haul?

1.09: Dez Bryant
2.04: Keenan Allen
3.09: Jeremy Maclin
4.04: Michael Floyd
5.09: Tyler Lockett

Did Fantasy Douche pick for me? Wait, that was Matt Harmon. Bryant was the 7th WR off the board. Allen seems like an even better pick than when I took him in February. I know Maclin was a fifth-round value a couple of months ago but we’re all on #teamalex now. Floyd’s putting a chip on the Cardinals’ offense, never a bad idea. Lockett is about to get his gold jacket based on the offseason hype.

Does it make sense to draft five WRs in a row when you can’t start five in a week? For one, this is a best-ball league, so there is no sweaty last-minute lineup decision. It’s a military tactic to bunch your troops up in one area, hopefully an area that the enemy doesn’t have well defended, as opposed to having an equal number throughout the front line. I’m leaning WR early because they score the most points, they are more consistent, and running backs don’t score the way they used to. Also QB and TE are “onesie” positions, so screw them (but not always).

You have to field-test these draft theories, so what did I get at RB after ignoring the position?

6.04: Giovani Bernard
7.09: Arian Foster
8.04: Rashad Jennings

It’s true that you probably won’t get that every-down RB at this point in the draft, but honestly there aren’t too many guys like that left. Bernard may not top 150 carries but he’s looking good for 50-60 catches. Foster may not make it through the season but he’ll get peppered with touches while he’s there. Jennings is an underrated workhorse back and the Giants have a good offense. I added James Starks, Javorius Allen, and Chris Johnson later in the draft.

When you wait at TE/QB, what do you get?
9.09: Gary Barnidge
10.04 Tyler Eifert
15.09: Jordan Cameron

Barnidge still will be boss and hopefully (feeling more like hope every day) Eifert comes back by the time Barnidge gets Gordon’d. Cameron kind of sucked last year and might do so this year but I needed a third TE option since I have one injury guy.

11.09: Tyrod Taylor
12.04: Jameis Winston

Two QBs is the minimum in a best ball but I’m feeling fine with these two starters. I got the 14th and 18th QBs off the board and that’s fine.

I also did something unusual for me in only taking two team defenses. I liked getting one extra WR and RB at the end (Breshad Perriman/CJwtfK) over that third defense. The only reason I took the Pats and Packers is they’re usually in the lead so you hope for the blowout pick six/turnovers.

I may share the other three as I go (always giving running commentary on the Twitters).

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