What’s Zach Reading? Fantasy Football Articles, 9/7 Edition

I read a lot of football material in a day. Today’s challenge was to record each article, post it and include a smidge of commentary to make this into a post. Let’s see how it goes.

Lord Reebs’ Weekly worksheet on Rotoworld:

My takeaway: If there are 100 weekly must-reads in the fantasy biz, this is in the top ten. You get to roll around in Rich Hribar’s brain for a while and get the numbers behind why he rates players to be Trust/Bust/Reasonable Return.

Podcast of the day: Fantasy Feast with Ross Tucker and Evan Silva

Silva and Tucker talking matchups? I’m getting Brazilian steakhouse level hungry.

Numberfire five market shares to check:

My takeaway: It’s true that you can monitor situations, but by the time week 1 concludes, it will be too late to strike in many situations. You have to be proactive in today’s saturated fantasy market. You’re going to be wrong in some cases, but when you are ahead of the curve and hit, that’s going to feel better than a new favorite beer.

RotoViz Week 1 DFS cash game lineups:

My takeaway: even though I threw $10 into DraftKings to get my FBG membership, I feel little pull to dip into DFS this week due to catching up on my seasonal leagues.

Mike Freeman’s 10 Point Stance

It’s a nice breezy read and more proof that B/R has “made it” as a major NFL news source.

RotoViz Three QBs to stream (and one to avoid)

As a guy who waited on QB in my new redraft league, I selected Fitzmagic and Ryan Tannehill and they have two of the worst matchups in week one (slap on the wrist for me for not looking at that). I may need a fill-in for week one and for the first time in years, I can actually stream QBs.

Week 1 targets from Jen Ryan aka @ffdejenerate

You have to be a premium member to check this out (maybe be the case with RotoViz as well).

15 Reasonably Fun Facts to Ponder for Week 1

Jay Clemons is on point, only mentioning his Detroit Lions and Jim Bob Cooter once.

Rant/frustration: The articles that say “players you should stream” are almost more frustrating than they are worth. Too many league formats means there’s no one size fits all version even if the article clearly states which site they pulled their stats from. Someone didn’t draft Dwayne Allen/Jared Cook? Not in my world. But if this is your world, it’s really useful stuff. It has to be epically frustrating as a writer to put these together (kind of like power ratings) because you get those page views but have both sides really moved forward in their fantasy knowledge? Since I read so much every day and most of it goes in one ear and out the other, hard to say.

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