What’s Zach Reading? Fantasy Football Articles 9/13

When Eric Kendricks took the Marcus Mariota screen pass like he was the designated recipient to the house and my Teddy Bridgewater sweater-clad friend reacted like a fan of a good NFL franchise should, I wasn’t exactly numb but the years of mediocre on a good day football prepared me well.

When the schedulemakers put the Minnesota Football Vikings on the Titans’ schedule and gave Tennessee their first Week one home opener since 2012, I knew Josh and Sharona were coming. Josh does some work for Draft Breakdown and Sharona lives on Twitter like it’s the Matrix. We met on Saturday, and there was beer. On Sunday we drove past two former free parking spots that are no longer there, found a hotel lot and wandered over to meet with Josh Gunnels, who I see once a year like clockwork for some pre-Titans tailgating. If you want to tell someone from the future what the post 9/11 world is like, there’s no better place than before an NFL football game. There were military helicopters circling the stadium like we were in a Tom Clancy dreamscape.


After completing our pre-drinking we got in and for the first time, I went to the top of the stadium. We had tickets in the 300 section but I never actually went up there. We took our seats and I remembered that I’m really pale and sunscreen had eluded me.


The Titans played about as well as they could in the first half and they must have received the worst halftime speech since Super Bowl XXVIII (Bills went in up 13-6, lost 30-13). You don’t win many games when giving up two TDs on offense. Josh was happy. I was pleasantly free from high expectations.

It was good to be with friends. Sharona shared a Kasteel Barista Chocolate Quad. Two out of three people enjoyed it (learned Josh is not a chocolate beer guy).

I left my parents’ house around 5 a.m. Central time and started working as soon as I got home so my post Week 1 article stash is a bit lower than usual. It’s a start.

Five positives and negatives from Rotoworld’s RotoPat

Pat Daugherty’s snark is my kind of snark. Five positives and negatives

Here’s a roundup of Sunday’s protests from Dave Zirin

I didn’t see the three Titans who joined in the protests from my high perch. John Carlos keeps influencing people.

Who won the weekend from uproxx

Stay for the Derek Carr flip.

Here’s the Football Daily Dose:

Who stole Ryan McDowell’s hair?

I don’t have a rant to close as much as an observation. On most Sundays I’m sitting on my couch with much meat and beverages. I am also tuned into Twitter and my fantasy results. On this Sunday, WiFi inside Nissan Stadium be damned, I was kind of cut off and in a way it was refreshing. I didn’t care how my fantasy teams were doing (although I was happy to see that I was pasting Sharona in our redraft). I just existed, one with the football universe. It was nice and a break from my usual nonstop refreshing for seven hours.

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