What Zach’s Reading in Fantasy Football, September 22 Edition

These “daily” reports have faded as I’ve been traveling and failed to take good notes on what I’m consuming. Last weekend I was at the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance conference in Savannah with the wife so whatever I read was on the fly and on my phone.

Here are @ffdejenerate’s Week Three Targets (must be a subscriber, hint hint)

Matt Waldman’s Top Ten from Week 2 (FBG content)

Streaming Defenses from Mike Woellert (4for4 content)

Back Talk with Sharona in which she talks about the recent police shootings and Vikings with a British guy in Australia (nice accent combo)

Week one football watching experience: Inside Nissan Stadium (friend pointed out why they didn’t keep the Coliseum part of Adelphia Coliseum as it seems more impressive and why do they change the name of the building every time they change the sponsor), 300 section for the first half getting sunburned, second half in the lower section in the shade watching the game on Jumbotron as God intended. Later games were watched on parent’s couch in a dehydrated/hung over daze.

Week two football watching experience: Inside Dub’s Pub in Savannah, a football throw from the river. Yup, on a gorgeous yet hot fall day I spent 3.5 hours by myself inside a dark pub working my way through the beer menu. I have five beers so the walk back to the hotel was much needed. I directed the waitress to change all seven TVs surrounding me, not that I could keep up with more than two, and of course a replay of the Missouri/Georgia game was on one of the TVs and the guy next to me thought it was a live game. I spoiled it for him.

Beers consumed: Shakedown Street from Southbound (Savannah), which was a saison, a sour beer with a bit of everything that I enjoyed more as I sipped. Traveler’s Pumpkin Shandy which was a mess of pumpkin spice and way too sweet. Samuel Adams Oktoberfest which might be their best seasonal. Sweetwater Hash Brown is an odd compromise between an IPA and a brown ale by starting bitter and transitioning to a malty finish, again a beer that improved with more sipping. Perhaps I should change the story to say I had four beers because I can’t remember the name of the fifth.

It’s two weeks in a row that I’ve witnessed an entire game of Tennessee Titans football. The issue with the offense to date is they’re able to get a first down or two but it’s hard to maintain this offense of four- to six-yard gains with the occasional ten-yard pass matriculating down the field as they say. If there’s one penalty or one time when Mariota decides to be a hero and escape a pocket and get sacked when the team’s in field goal range, oops. The defense has been practicing against this offense as they’ve been very bend but do not break and few big plays are accomplished as a result. There’s not enough of a pass rush and until the final minute of the second game, zero turnovers. The team’s had eight field goals attempted against it in two games.

The last drive was a more efficient version of that short offense with 13 plays for 83 yards and it really wasn’t that fast as it took six minutes. On last night’s Going for Two, I mentioned my one coaching note to Lions’ defenders: on fourth down in the end zone, if your back is to the QB, just put your hands up. The game-winning pass traveled over the trailing linebacker’s shoulder.

Mariota now has three “comeback” wins out of his four as an NFL QB. Considering that this offense doesn’t have a breakaway threat (maybe we’ll see that later in the season if Derrick Henry has more touches), games are going to be close to the vest at best.

It wasn’t an Atlanta sports bar experience. There was one guy wearing a Jason Sehorn jersey watching the Giants game, but he was all but mute, as anyone who watched that offensive atrocity in Jersey was struck. There were a few stragglers who got excited when the Cowboys won (not Kirk Cousins’ finest day). Otherwise, it was a crowd of people who just happened upon a football Sunday.

Week three will be me on the couch, most likely consuming grilled meat, a Bruery Tart of Darkness by my side.

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