Fantasy Files: Championship Week for the rest of us

While watching seven hours of Red Zone this last weekend, two moments stood out to me. I imagined a million shrieks around the country as Davante Adams dropped two sure touchdown passes from Aaron Rodgers. That to me encapsulated the 2016 NFL and fantasy season.

It’s over. Is it a dream or a nightmare to spend hours each week pouring over articles deciding who to add/drop/start/sit/mock? That time of the year is finished. My fantasy teams crapped out a couple of weeks ago although I’m limping along in a consolation bracket because it gives me another shot at Sharona in our Yahoo league.

2016 fantasy football review

It was fashionable to go WR-heavy early and we were rewarded with Nuk Hopkins and Allen Robinson being crushed by bad QBing and Julio Jones/A.J. Green playing their usual awesome selves until injuries kept them out of key fantasy matchups. If you went against the grain and took David Johnson/Le’Veon Bell/Ezekiel Elliott early, you prospered. Rob Gronkowski broke hearts early and often. One key draft decision was him or Mike Evans. Clearly I would have had a nice run, but once the Bucs’ defense picked up, Evans dropped off. It’s a weekly game. Someone should monetize that.

What did we learn?

Draft picks are going to break your heart, whether through underperformance or injury.

Be nimble in your leagues. Play the wire/FAB to your heart’s content.

Make sure you’re in a league with fun people. If you win and you’re in a league with a bunch of bores, it’s not going to matter (although if you rake in some cash, that will alleviate the feelings).

How’d I do in 2016?

I’m 45 points ahead in my King of the Hill league. This is a best-ball league that drafted in the second week of June. I have never won such a league, finishing painfully second in a few MFL10s/25s the past three seasons. My team jumped out to a huge lead and coasted home. My top picks weren’t great and I missed on those last three “cross fingers” picks. I hit on mid-level guys like DeAngelo Williams (first couple of weeks anyway), Stefon Diggs, Jordan Howard, Mike Wallace, and Cameron Brate. Watch me blow it to Scott Fish in the final week, but at least I get to “advance” to whatever the third level of this fantasy hell is.

MFL10/25: In one MFL25, I’m in third place, 14.4 points from second which would put me in the money. In one MFL10 I’m in third place, 18 points out of second which would put me in the free 2017 MFL10 talk Otherwise I’m in 5th, 8th, 10th, and 12th by a mile. To really succeed in MFL10s/25s you need volume and luck.

Dynasty: Ended up with the second pick. I traded Duke Johnson for Emmanuel Sanders which helps the middling WR corps. I wasted another good DeMarco year but it wasn’t to be. The Demaryius/Eddie/Starks for Mike Evans trade will haunt me for years. Also trading a second-round pick for Calvin Johnson was a decent gamble but didn’t pay off. I had six guys on IR, so dang my luck.

League of Laws: Had one of those good luck/ok team kind of seasons with a 9-4 record, a #2 seed, and an immolation in the playoffs with a season low in points. When your first four picks score zero in week 14, waivers better be amazing and they weren’t. In our finals are seeds 7 and 8 which kind of explains the 2016 landscape.

What did I learn? Who cares about fantasy football, the Titans are good! That’s about right, and I discovered/drank a ton of great beer this season. Unless we do it in the playoffs, my football-filled afternoons at my friend Don’s house are kaput until 2017. I’m kind of looking forward to finding other activities for my Sunday.


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