Going for Two: Fantasy Football Is Good, All The Time

I misspoke during this week Going for Two. Maybe that’s not the word since I meant it at the time and now that I’ve had time to reflect, I’m amending that opinion. I said that I had a sub-par year in fantasy football. By all objective measures, finishing in the red financially and “earning” the #2 rookie pick in a dynasty league, it was less than a rousing success.

Some aspects of fantasy wins aren’t measured that way. I started a new league, The League of Laws that will be rechristened The League of Funk next year and it was a great group with competitive and sometimes smack-talking people. Actually we were way too nice to each other. I enjoyed the competition, the nonstop visits to the waiver wire, deciding how much in free agent bucks to use (if anyone invents an online store in which you can spend unused FAB, let me know), even the torment of setting a lineup after reviewing what the 4for4 and Footballguys crews had to say.

Ultimately any movement or group you get into needs to be about the people. If there aren’t people around you can bounce ideas off of, talk about beer with or share your frustrations and joys, it’s a whole lot less enjoyable of an endeavor, and we’re going to need those friends and sometimes family to help out when things look bleak.

So while I was as gobsmacked as a Titans fan last Saturday when Scott Fish not only passed but lapped me in the King of the Hill Velociraptor, I had to absorb the feeling. I had no power, especially in a best-ball league where you draft in July and wait and hope. Hope didn’t see me through. The experience of leading a best ball league for 14 weeks should sustain me enough to do it next year, when I get ascended into the next level of this insane set of leagues that Scott set up.

My dynasty team had another frustrating finish, but it’s a work in progress. I traded Allen Hurns for the #4 pick that turned into Corey Coleman. Maybe it will take more than hope to get Cleveland an actual quarterback, but the weapons are there. Should I have taken Michael Thomas over Derrick Henry at pick #6? Sure, but that’s going to happen. DeMarco Murray is fading, and Henry’s time is going to come.

Another good trade that came out of left field was me getting Emmanuel Sanders for Duke Johnson. It would help for Sanders to have a more consistent QB, but he’s a guy you can plug in at WR3 for a few more years.

Bad trade: Mike Evans for Demaryius Thomas/Eddie Lacy/James Starks. There’s about a 10% chance that Lacy gets a gig as good as the one he had entering 2016. Thomas should be a high WR2/low WR1 for a few more years, again really invested in the Broncos’ passing game. Mike Evans could be a WR1 for about a decade. I should be on the other end of these three for one deals in the future.

Free agency starts soon and that’s a fun experience but with 480 total “kept” players we’re looking at mid-level IDPs and guys like Chris Hogan on offense.

I’ll get more into the dynasty weeds as the offseason progresses. As I’ve recently learned on Twitter, I know virtually nothing about this year’s class. Good thing we have five months of relentless chatter about it, right?

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