Going for Two: Shoot the Glass Edition

I often underrate the friendship I have with Sharona. We’d often do the show and that was a wrap. Now we alternate sending each other the latest “can you believe that bullshit” articles through DMs and I’ll text her beer pics during Predators games.

On her latest Back Talk with Sharona, she talked about having health issues and therefore making a major step back in the booze consumption. I offered not to drink during this week’s show, in part because a night off isn’t a bad thing and part to support her. She said she’d probably drink a beer and that she “saved” a beer for the show every week. I made an effort, even though I botched the joke on the show about not really meaning it (after all I have this beer “brand” to maintain).

I keep my notes on another show that I do but I just have one google doc for Going for 2, so let me unload a bit of a summary before it’s gone for good. Show link below then commentary.

We discussed hockey during the first segment. In the middle of Game 4, in which the Nashville Predators somehow skated through a rink full of bedazzled-hat-covered catfish to defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins, they clinched at least six games of a very good Stanley Cup finals. I decided to drive up to Nashville on Sunday to be in town, as actually going to the game would cost me a mortgage payment. I’ll get to see my parents who are loving this as Pittsburgh natives. The entire playoff run has been a lot of fun and somewhat emotional for fans who’ve followed the team since its inception. Hockey thirst is real.

I moved segment four up to two so we could talk about Wonder Woman. As much as I can be pedantic about the movie (no blood, Germans always the bad guys, kind of the same plot as Captain America, inherent limitations of the genre), it was a lot of fun, actually “important” and key was that it allowed the making fun of the segments of society who can’t stand anything female-led.

Sharona was dying to talk about some game called Morrowland or Morrowworld or Morrowwind so I let her (because I let her do things, as if) talk about that and her new shiny television. I’m still playing the NES Classic Doctor Mario with my wife. Talk about high fi.

I made a reference to the cancellation of Sense8, the news that I “broke” to her over DM, yes, I can’t hide any secrets, and Sharona was in such a good mood that she talked more about loving the show than being mad at Netflix. She shared more vitriol for me for not watching the show when I had Netflix. It is all my fault.

We briefly touched on Hank Williams Jr. being allowed back on Monday Night Football. He lost that “spot” when he compared our former President to Hitler, back when that kind of comparison was over the top.

We finished up with some “sports” news like the Kaepernick non-signing by the Seahawks (wusses), the Jets getting rid of old players and Marcus Mariota being a robot that the NFL developed in a lab more than 20 years ago. Ultimately we agreed that sports needs the PK Subbans and Marcus Mariotas of the world.

Beers consumed:

Sharona: New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk
Zach: Burial’s Bolo (Coconut Brown) and Oskar Blues Death by Coconut (you can figure out the flavor profile)

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