Zachrilege Cast #144 — Kelly and Jim Helton

We start with 15 minutes of Kelly Helton. Kelly is the 13-year-old daughter of Jim Helton and you’ve probably seen her speak on equality, science, and atheism around the country. If she can do it, well, you might not be able to do it but she’s inspiring.

Jim Helton is the National Field Organizer of American Atheists. He used the ACES model (listen to find that one out) to develop a local organization called the Tri-State Freethinkers that challenges local lawmakers and most famously took on Ken Ham’s Ark Park. Where does American Atheists go post David Silverman? They’re already on the way.

Kelly/Jim links

Kelly at the 2018 Cincinnati Women’s March

Live Read focus on Chrisiousity’s takedown of Real Peer Review

Original video:

Response to responses with Kristi Winters:

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