Zachrilege Cast #146 — Sally Hunt

Sally Hunt came on the scene after finding out that a evangelical Christian group called Thrive was teaching sex education in schools around her St. Louis, Missouri home. She joined a protest and has seen positive results. From that she turned her attention to a giant (and I mean giant) In God We Trust sign put up at a city council chamber. The mayor had her escorted out by police and because of that she got the attention of Fox News and absolutely killed it on the Laura Ingraham Angle show. We talk about all that and how to deal with the wave of negativity you get from being an out atheist, and sometimes it’s from fellow atheists.

Sally’s links



Fox News Laura Ingraham



The Freethought Prophet interview for the story of her and Jim Helton/American Atheists (43:45 in)


The Lemon test (not involving an actual lemon)


This week’s Live Read podcast/show of the week, A Leap of Doubt

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