Zachrilege Cast #148 — Jerb the Humanist

The Prophet is dead. Long live the prophet. Jeremiah now is Jerb the Humanist. He’s a PhD student in chemical engineering who wants to educate people and admits when he’s not an expert. The SJW Circle Jerk with Ari Stillman is the side project and it’s a quality show as well.

Jerb links

Jerb Youtube

SJW circle jerk

First interview with Jeremiah, episode 21 of ZC:

Links that my patreons think you should check out

Hope After Faith

Nathan Dickey A Leap of Doubt episode 8: Science-Based Politics

Mython V “why is it so problematic” corner:

Very Bad Wizards discussion on The Conceptual Penis (Peter Boghossian/James Lindsay)

Chrisiousity’s video series on Armored Skeptic/Shoeonhead and their #skepticism

MythCon guest The Quartering’s sexual harassment

Richard Carrier, guest at MythCon, problematic history

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