Zach’s Beer Adventure: Variant Brewing

I usually don’t get a requested column. In fact, this would be the first time in history. It makes sense that my good friend Don Funk who also was the only person on record to listen to Going for Two would be the person to make this request. So here goes.

Yes, I’m getting the post-interview reunion with my cat picture out of the way.

I’m doing a lot of interviewing these days. I host a podcast on secular issues once a week. I’m in month three of a job hunt. In two days I interviewed with 14 different people for two jobs. I don’t know how long his search has been ongoing, but my buddy and beer aficionado emeritus superlative Jason Dominy is also in a job search. Usually when you’re networking you have lunch or coffee. We went to a brewery. Hey, some beers have coffee in them.

Jason chose Variant, which is in the Roswell area of Atlanta. I visited Variant a few months ago with my beer buddy Steve and the two beers I tried at Variant didn’t move the needle that month. I’m willing to give second chances.

Jason made suggestions regarding the flight I should take. I remain friends with him despite him recommending an IPA. He only recommended one so that’s one of those legal gray areas like collusion. Just think of all the inappropriate jokes/lines I cut out here.

Technically, variant is a beer term. One of the more famous beer “whales” is Bourbon County Stout. They have variants or adjunct flavor versions that are more limited but have the same base.

I probably would have selected the imperial raspberry lemon gose as one of the four but Jason was sampling it as I entered so I had a sip. A sip was enough. I think raspberry is a flavor I enjoy once a quarter at most so I may never finish that sixer of Rapturous I was gifted months ago. I got the Good S’Morning, Overslept, Triple Coconut Crazy Grandma and the Sop, Drop, and Roll. So the flight was a typical Zach creation with three pitch black beers and one semi normal beer color.

A couple of days later I can’t say if I preferred the S’Morning or the Overslept. They are both a bane of my beer existence, the coffee stout. Coffee gives beer that bitterness most love and I do not, but in a balanced portion it can be fine. I can’t remember if the one with the French vanilla coffee or the one with the smores coffee stood out more. They were interesting but nothing more. I had the Sop because it included soursop, the kind of ingredient that’s usually paired with rancid goat milk in one of those basket food competitions. When I google this fruit, I get an article warning me not to eat this fruit to fight cancer. I mean come on with these beer descriptions, milkshake gose brewed with lactose, refermented with soursop, pineapple, mango, lemon and vanilla. I can say as my nose grows that I could taste all of those flavors. I did finish it first so I could go to stouttown.

The star of the afternoon, other than Jason, was the Triple Coconut Crazy Grandma. I feel there’s a story behind the crazy grandma but you’re not getting it here. You are getting the coconut. I don’t want subtle hints of flavor, I want to be smacked upside the head with it which is what I suppose a crazy grandma would do. Mine was more passive-aggressive.

Variant is nice, and not just because they were open at 2 p.m. on a Wednesday. You get a nice mix of styles and you can order pizza from a nearby location in case you need to soak some things up.

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