Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert

Every week, Zach Law interviews a fantasy football expert. Find posts from the Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert series below:

Jen Ryan of Blindside Football, The FF Librarian, FantasyPros and True Blue Nation

Ask Your Fantasy Draft Server: Google + Hangout with Ken Griggs aka Dexter’s Library on Chicago and the Draft.

Ray Summerlin of Rotoworld and the Rummy and Ray Podcast

FFAaroneous of Dynasty League Football and Don’t Ask Him What His Real Identity Is

Nathan Powell of Dynasty League Football

Justin Bailey of RotoViz

Matt Freedman of RotoViz

Pat Fitzmaurice of

Joe Pisapia of The Fantasy Football Black Book

Jeff Miller of Dynasty League Football

Chris Meyers of Interrogate the Industry

Justin Bonnema of Football Guys

Pat James of Fantasy Council

Joe Redemann of Numberfire

Andrew Bowman aka Fantasy Acumen

Jonathan Vandersluis of Top Team Fantasy (rest in peace, the site not Jonathan)

T.J. Hernandez of

Jon Moore of RotoViz (Radio) part 1 part 2

Christian Hardy of Sportable and KU “Football”

Paty “Cakes” of Thrive Sports and Pigskin Arch

Tony Fashoda of FantasyPros and DraftBuddy

Matt Lane of Fake Pigskin

Doug Veatch of Under the Helmet

Renee Miller of (now) ESPN part one part two

Pat Thorman of PFF Fantasy

Fantasy Gumshoe of FakePigskin and RotoViz

Karl Safchick of Dynasty League Football

James “First Lady of RotoViz” Todd of (you guessed it) RotoViz

Bax Football Guru

John Evans of the Xs and Ys Podcast

Shawn Siegele of Money in the Banana Stand

Sharona Fabulosa of SB Nation

Dennis Esser of the Trick Plays Podcast

David Kitchen of Fantasy Insiders

Regan Yant of Fake Pigskin

Rich Hribar, aka Lord Reebs of XN Sports

Salvatore Stefanile talks 2 Qb life

My “phoner” with Matthew Berry

T, aka Whudey

Eric Hardter of Dynasty League Football

Josh Deceuster of Draft Breakdown.

Scott Fish of FF Oasis.

Here are some of my Google Hangouts/audio interviews with folks in the There Is No Off Season: Interviews 51-100 in the Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert Series

Brian Bulmer Google + Hangout

Davis Mattek bonus Google + Hangout.

John Beckler Bonus Google Hangout

Jody Smith Bonus Google Hangout

Ladd Davies Bonus Google Hangout

FF Counselor bonus hangout

For interviews 1-50, check out my e-book “There Is No Off Season”.

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