Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert: Championship Week with the Fantasy Experts

This is it. We have been working all year for this moment. Most likely the players who have teams going this fine final weekend are spending time in their bunkers making those critical final roster decisions. I’ll share some of the stories from your favorite fantasy experts as they prepare for Championship Week.

Steve Gallo

The one that got away for me was SOFA IDP. I was the regular season high scorer and had an all-play won/loss % of .706. That team lost last week putting up its 3rd lowest score of the year. It happens but it doesn’t make it sting any less.

Hopefully I have better luck playing for the championship in ATAP (16 team full IDP league) where I had an all-play record of 150-45 (.769). But I am facing a team that is stacked too so this looks to be a tough nut to crack.

On offense I am starting Brees, Arian Foster, Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas, Stevie Johnson, Hakeem Nicks and Jason Witten.

He is starting RG3, Frank Gore, Trent Richardson, Brandon Marshall, Victor Cruz, Danny Amendola and Tony Gonzalez.

On defense I am running with Sen’Derrick Marks, Jared Allen (thinking about Calais Campbell), Greg Hardy, Jerrell Freeman, Stephen Tulloch, Jo Lon Dunbar, Mychael Kendricks, Antoine Winfield, Richard Sherman, LaRon Landry and Kam Chancellor (thinking about running with Danny McCray).

His defense (which I think will set him apart) is Kyle Williams, JJ Watt, Tyson Jackson, London Fletcher, Paul Posluszny, D’Qwell Jackson, Chad Greenway, Charles Tillman, Janoris Jenkins, Cary Williams and Dawan Landry.

Don’t forget that this is a 16 team league.

I won the title two years ago and would like to make it two of the last three, but quite honestly don’t think it will happen. [Zach note: Sometimes getting to the big game is the victory.]

Ryan Boser

My main league (which I commission) is now in our ninth year. Next week I’ll be in the bronze game, playing for my ninth straight top-3 finish. Incredibly, of the nine Final Four trips, I’ve never won it all. I invent new and exciting methods of heartbreak each year. This year I lost a nail-biter on the Gore fumble TD. I hope my story has made all of your bad breaks this week more bearable. As for my league, I’m giving it one more year. If the curse reaches a decade, I’m trading in fantasy football for stamp collecting.

The FF Ghost

So I am pretty lucky to be playing for the championship in nearly, nearly every league I hold close to my heart. I found out I was still in one that I felt got away in Week 14. Turns out it was a two week playoff! I was able to march back in Week 15. I overcame my opponent and am now in the championship game. Very cool from my vantage point, not so much from his I’m sure. I’m in the championship of the league I created this year as well, overcoming an opponent who had a three headed monster of Foster, Peterson and Lynch. It is honestly one of my more impressive wins I’ve ever been able to pull out. As for one that got away, I’d have to say its a tie between Blue Label Dynasty and Hyperactive 5. In both leagues I was playing against a stacked owners list that reads like a who’s who in fantasy circles. Despite the stiff competition I made the playoffs in both, unfortunately I went home packing in both after some early success. It’s a bummer because winning one of those would have been a nice feather in my cap. However, they are great leagues and I wish those who advanced well and look forward to my vengeance next season!

Andy Miley

This is the championship week of my oldest dynasty league. In this league, I am truly fighting for every inch. I won the division in the final week and had trailed by three wins for the majority of the season. This team went 6-1 in the past seven weeks. Injuries demoralized my team early. I lost: Beanie Wells for his I/R stint, Ryan Williams to I/R, Fred Davis to I/R, Sean Lee to I/R, Malcom Jenkins to I/R, MJD for the majority of the season, LeSean McCoy for four weeks, Pierre Garcon for six weeks, Rashard Jennings for three weeks, Colin McCarthy for eight weeks, William Moore for a few weeks, and Dannell Ellerbe for a few weeks.

This is my championship game lineup: Romo, McCoy, Bryce Brown or David Wilson, B-Marsh, Cobb, Garcon, Zach Miller or Dreessen, Bryant, Cameron Jordan, Lofton, Spencer, and Verner.

I will need a lot of help as I am facing: Brees, Foster, AP, Morris, Austin, Welker, Hernandez, Hanson, Peppers, Fletcher, D’Q Jax, and Morgan.

Good luck to everyone in their matchups!

Ryan Forbes

Well being in 6 semi-finals matchups last week I said I’d be happy with 4 finals. Low and behold thanks to Doug Martin, Reggie Wayne, Danario Alexander, Lawrence Tynes, and the majority of my opponents have Julio Jones and Danny Amendola, I’m only in 2. I hate fantasy football.

Ryan Hester

I’m playing for a championship in a league in its first year, so naturally there’s the notion that the first championship is going to be more memorable than any others. On top of that, I’m playing the Commissioner so I don’t want him to win his own league because no one will hear the end of it.

Another factor making this championship so important is that I’m the #1 seed and have scored the most points in the league by 108 over the team in second place – a rare “parlay” in the schedule-driven, luck-driven world of head-to-head weekly matchups.

These reasons, of course, are trivial and insignificant compared to my largest motivator – the league prize. This coming May, my best friend since grade school is having a bachelor party in Vegas. I also make an annual friends trip each March to watch 32 basketball games in two days during the best two consecutive days on the sports calendar within greatest sporting event on Earth.

This year, Mrs. Footballandbrackets is concerned with the financial implications of two such trips (if she only knew the number of times I’ve engaged in 12-hour blackjack sessions, only getting out of my chair when nature called). Winning the league with the biggest prize could punch my ticket to Vegas twice in a seven week span, making this championship far more important than mere pride. [Zach note: We should root for Ryan because he really wants to help out the Vegas economy.]

Tim Stafford

After three heartbreaking years of losing my first playoff match-up in my SC league, I’ve finally made the Big Game. It took Mark Sanchez singlehandedly destroying the very real chance Nick Folk could close the gap on me. I won by one point. I almost feel bad for the other owner . . . almost.

Best of luck to everyone, and I will post more as they come. Happy Holidays.

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