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Going for 2: NFL Combine and Snow Edition

On this week’s #goingfor2, we invited on Andrew Miley of the Dynasty Blitz site. Andy was the first-ever Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert interview subject, and we did a hangout when he moved from Dynasty League Football back to his original site. Andy is our “boots on the ground”, as he was at this year’s […]

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Dynasty Free Agency: Five “Unweird” Tricks

Yeah, that headline was just for click-bait purposes. Every year our Zealots dynasty league has a free-agency auction period. We’ve streamlined it a bit so it’s fairly simple to pull off. Here are the rules: Everyone keeps 40 players (yeah, it’s the kiddie pool of depth) Everyone has 8 “restricted” free agents and they get […]

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Ten Things To Do When You Lose Your Job

One thing this first week of “umemployment” has taught me is to keep your chin up and keep “your humans” close whenever you need support. I thought that it might help others in this predicament to learn from my experience having to go back to a job for a week after having my position eliminated. […]

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20 + 21

Today is my birthday. It’s supposed to be a moment of reflection and celebration, so that means a self-indulgent trip down memory lane as an excuse for a blog post. On my 21st birthday, the first alcoholic beverage I purchased legally was…a Zima. In fact, I bought two. I had a dinner with friends and […]

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Going for 2, Super Balls Edition

On the January 21, 2015 edition of the show, we had to overcome obstacles just like the New England Patriots had to find new ways to overcome properly inflated footballs on Sunday. Sharona played computer roulette and we didn’t have to try an episode of the show where she moved her mouth and I talked […]

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