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Ask Your Fantasy Football Sort of Controversial Guy: Andrew Bowman aka Fantasy Acumen

"I think Kiefer Sutherland could narrate me taking a dump and it’d be epic." I’ve become slightly more salty on Twitter of late, especially when it comes to the nickname of one Washington DC football franchise. I’m ready for it to be gone forever, and I’d be perfectly fine with all Native American-themed team name […]

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Fantasy Files: Buying Generic

The only advice you need for your fantasy drafts and/or auctions is this: get your assets at a discount. You may say that additional advice is necessary, but that would mean a much longer blog post, and none of us want that. When I go grocery shopping, there are only a few items that I […]

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Fantasy Files: IDP, the yard cats of fantasy

During my Saturday exercise today, I listened to the Audible’s IDP Roundtable. It was nice to hear that John Norton survived his annual trip from cold storage. Even though half of my fantasy leagues (I’m in two, but still) have IDP elements, I’d say that about 2% of my fantasy football reading/listening/absorbing is on that […]

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