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The 2 Mugs Tap Runs Dry

The end of the fantasy football season means a few things. I get to crow or cry about the performance of my teams, and a lot of podcasts go “south” for the offseason. A couple are going away to live on a farm. Last week I watched the final Sports Wunderkind cast, and it was […]

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We Are (Almost) The Champions

We’re here. It’s Week 16, the game to end all games. You’ve been through a lot to get here, or you are cursing the two finalists in your league(s). After biting off more than I could chew with five leagues, I made it to two title games this season. Game one is my local keeper […]

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Road Trip! Traveling for Football in 2014

I wondered if my 2014 football “journey” could top 2013. After all, I got to follow Missouri all the way to the SEC championship game. It was a mixed bag, which happens when you follow a professional team having perhaps its worst season ever and a college team in the midst of its best run […]

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Talking Titans on the Tube: Week 4/5

I decided to combine my two “shows” this week and have Know Your Enemy as part of the Going for Two hangout. John Beckler joined us for Browns/Titans talk and was nice enough to forgive me when I forgot that he doesn’t drink booze. I witnessed last Sunday’s demolition in a sports bar, and combined […]

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Talkin’ Titans on the Tube: Week 3

Yes, I thought of that title all by myself. This week I talked avatars, #ginjaninja and the Icky Shuffle with Whudey aka T aka Allie Fontana’s new Twitter crush. Behold, Know Your Enemy, Bengals Stompin’ Edition: Note the beer, the “Boulder Shake” by Boulder Beer, quite possibly my favorite chocolate porter of all time. So […]

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Zach’s Nashville weekend: Of Beer, BBQ, and Bad Football

Reader note: You can still find my fantasy football content at I figured that if I’m writing about the Titans and personal experiences that don’t have a ton of fantasy industry appeal, I’ll keep it on my site. My Nashville weekends have changed over the years. I used to drive directly to my parents’ […]

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