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The Big Green Egg Is My True North

I’d like to dispense from the usual topics on this page to discuss one of my true loves. When I graduated high school, I might have been capable of boiling water but not much else. I could use the grill. In the glorious summer of 1989, the last one before I donned the McDonalds colors […]

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Zachrilege Cast #131 — Chrisiousity

Chrisiousity is a left-leaning youtuber which isn’t quite as rare as you might think. Her recent video series on Mythicist Milwaukee explains the rise of the alt-right sympathizers pretty well. You’re going to learn about feminism through the lens of I Dream of Jeannie, a smart move as watchers don’t have an emotional attachment so […]

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Atlanta Beer Guide: The Porter

One of the tougher choices to make in the Atlanta beer scene is beer joint versus brewery. If you go to a restaurant with a great beer list, you know that you’ll get to soak up the booze and your choices are legion. I met my friend Josh at the Porter Beer Bar last night. […]

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Zachrilege Cast #130 — Jesse Rabinowitz

Jesse is a clinical psychologist and father of Aaron Rabi aka he’s in touch with his Void. We talked about diagnosing a President, how he decided to do a one-man show on Allen Ginsberg and how an atheist can embrace spirituality.   Links/books   Jesse on Embracing the Void   The […]

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Zachrilege Cast #128 — Deborah Smith

Deborah Smith is wicked smart. Jeanne suggested her as a guest and if I lose Jeanne, I lose like 25% of my audience. We talked about her journeys with her son in Columbia, the lovely combination of Lyme disease and opioid crisis that made her think Florida would be better than New Jersey, traveling to […]

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Zachrilege Cast #127 — Amy and Ami of Secular Soup

Distrust even bisque. Secular Soup started when two women in different small towns a thousand miles apart discovered each others’ perfection and decided to start a show. Amy is in Minnesota, Ami is in Texas. One is an ex-Mormon and one drinks team and loves sleeping/wearing onesies to trivia.   Show links: […]

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