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Wide screen, narrow focus for Hateful Eight

I was prepared for Hateful Eight. Before the movie I had a hearty meal along with a Vanderghinste Oud Bruin and a Petrus Aged Red. While I appreciate the option of getting a “shorty”, when ordering beer like that go for the full size. I pretended “Across 110th Street” was playing in the background as […]

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Five Worst Football Games of 2015

The feeling you get when you put the recycling out on the wrong day, then it rains. Standing behind an old woman at the grocery store who decides to pay with a check from 1989. Getting a papercut on your genitalia. Reading Twitter after Peyton Manning is accused of buying HGH. Losing a fantasy championship […]

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Disc Golf, Beer, and Oh, My Back

Imagine getting into a small car owned by a large man and going off to an unknown destination. When you got there, you were surrounded by devotees of a sport that you thought was something only hung-over college dudes played. Then you got to play that sport’s version of The Masters. That was me on […]

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Beers of the Week: Thanksgiving Dessert Attack

A lot of people have multiple Thanksgiving gatherings. It’s the only way to fly. On Thanksgiving this year, my wife and I did dinner with the brother, sister-in-law, parents, and nephews, but that was merely the appetizer. My wife is fab and Thanksgiving was proof. She spent five hours in the kitchen making two desserts […]

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Sunday Funday Beer Day Football Day

Sunday morning, rise and grind 9-9:30: Work on grocery list (chug a Pepsi Max and grab the recyclable bags) 9:30-10:30: Go to Kroger for your meat needs. Stop at Publix needing four things and realize they have the “buy $50 of groceries and get $10 off a $50 gas card” deal which means you have […]

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Beer and more beer: The bottle share

The first 30 minutes of a bottle share are the best. You have that “new beer energy”, seeing tons of old friends and new people and every brew you sample is like the first time you thought “wait, this is supposed to taste good?” You’re in that crazy first-person spinny camera point of view and […]

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