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Zachrilege Cast #127 — Amy and Ami of Secular Soup

Distrust even bisque. Secular Soup started when two women in different small towns a thousand miles apart discovered each others’ perfection and decided to start a show. Amy is in Minnesota, Ami is in Texas. One is an ex-Mormon and one drinks team and loves sleeping/wearing onesies to trivia.   Show links: […]

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Atlanta Beer Guide: Dashing Through the Stash

Last month I had a few epic beer runs, starting in Tennessee and ending the week after BCBS made its annual visit to town. My wife showed me the receipts and yes, I set a personal record for beer purchases in November. I don’t negotiate well so I went from “I’ll spend x amount a […]

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Atlanta/Nashville Brewery of the Week: Tennessee Style

What fuels the grizzled beer veteran? New discoveries. After feeling like you have your city “down” when it comes to breweries and what to expect, it’s time to take the show on the road. On the way up to Nashville, I almost always stop at Beverage World, just over the state border from Chattanooga. It’s […]

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The Book of Skitty

9 p.m. Friday night, a poorly placed trash can had me attempting to push a trash bag full of cat litter over a large wooden knob at the bottom of the handrail leading from our carport to the side entrance of the house. The knob, which being knob-shaped wasn’t particularly sharp, still managed to penetrate […]

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