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Monday throat-clearing

I’ll continue my rookie files later today. I’d like to inject a little personality into this blog by talking about my own life for a while. After initially showing no interest, my wife suggested that we go see Kung Fu Hustle yesterday. It might be the best over-the-top kung fu movie ever, and this is […]

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Fantasy files — Rookie receivers part two

Reggie Brown, Philadelphia Eagles: At Georgia Reggie Brown was considered the WR2, even though he ended up being more productive than Fred Gibson, his teammate. Guess what position Brown will take with the Eagles? Donovan McNabb got a whole lot better when Terrell Owens came to town. Every fantasy owner is looking for that future […]

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Fantasy files — Rookie receivers part one

It used to be that rookie wide receivers were worthless in fantasy football. They took time to develop and only ate up valuable redraft space on a team’s roster. Then Anquan Boldin came to town. This second-round pick (and second receiver taken) of the Arizona Cardinals forever put into question whether 40 times meant anything. […]

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A painful loss for the Sox

Injuries have been no problem so far this year for the White Sox. The pitching has been excellent and healthy. The bats haven’t been fantastic but have been good enough to keep the team ten games over .500 with only 22 played so far. That ended on Wednesday. In separate moments the White Sox lost […]

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Can a true White Sox fan enjoy this hot start?

You’re a real White Sox fan when you look at the team’s incredible 2005 start and say “so when’s the bubble going to burst?” Even if all statistical evidence proves that they’re indeed a worthy division leader, there’s no overcoming the team’s history. Why would White Sox fans be paranoid about their hot start? I […]

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Titans draft continued

Here’s a thought on Pac Man Jones. I understand that the name came from his childhood, but when you’re looking to be a member of the nearly extinct species “cornerback de shut-down”, could you find a name that invokes actual speed? I’ve played Pac Man, and it’s quick only in comparison to watching grass grow. […]

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Titans 2005 draft picks

1.6 Adam Jones CB West Virginia2.41 Michael Roos OT Eastern Washington3.68 Courtney Roby WR Indiana3.96 Brandon Jones WR Oklahoma4.108 Vincent Fuller S Virginia Tech4.113 Dave Stewart OT Mississippi State4.136 Roydell Williams WR Tulane5.142 Damien Nash RB Missouri5.150 Daniel Loper OT Texas Tech6.179 Bo Scaife TE Texas7.218 Reynaldo Hill CB Florida I’ve learned to let go […]

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Fantasy football and the NFL draft

When it comes to the NFL draft and fantasy football, timing is everything. There are three sets of player rankings: 1. Pre-draft rankings2. Draft results3. The fantasy value Before the draft everyone has player rankings. Every NFL team has what they call their ‘big board’. It’s just like the cheat sheet that every fantasy footballer […]

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