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Baptist Imperial Stout from Epic Brewing

Beer of the Week: Utah Brews Beer?

Seeing as I drink a lot of the stuff, it makes sense that I would write about my beer “adventure” or “journey” since there’s a nice intersection in the Venn diagram between fantasy football and beer. We’re talking real beer, not the kind that you see in commercials. A couple of weeks ago, I met […]

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Going for 2: Younger Than Jerseys Edition

I’m not 100% sure that the Frank Thomas jersey in my man cave is actually older than Nathan Powell. I custom-ordered the jersey for a birthday during my college years which were 1992-1996. The jersey was my favorite and first and I “retired” it for a place on the Man Cave Wall of Good Sports […]

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Weekend Beer Post: What Zach Drank, 5/19/2014 edition

I had a fabulous beer-fueled weekend. It started with a journey to a local beer joint that’s earned national attention. The Brick Store Pub is a Decatur institution that’s very Belgian-friendly. In an unusual twist, their taps dedicated to Belgians went to American Belgian styles in honor of American Craft Beer Week. This did not […]

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Beer Festival: Tales of Deep Pours

The last beer festival I attended was in 1999. We tailgated for the Decatur Beer Festival. Tailgating was Chik-Fil-A (before we knew they were evil), not beer. The event started pretty early, 9 a.m. from my recollection. We were at a burrito joint trying to soak it all up four hours later. Was I more […]

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Beer(s) of the Week: The Reason for Any Season

Now that my run as beer column guy at FF Oasis is over, I’m going to continue my beer musings on the blog. My 16-week season with FF Oasis is only the second time I’ve written for a site for an entire football season, and the first was in 2005. To torment myself, I’ll link […]

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