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Wide screen, narrow focus for Hateful Eight

I was prepared for Hateful Eight. Before the movie I had a hearty meal along with a Vanderghinste Oud Bruin and a Petrus Aged Red. While I appreciate the option of getting a “shorty”, when ordering beer like that go for the full size. I pretended “Across 110th Street” was playing in the background as […]

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How Titans Fans Can Help Chiefs Fans

The fans of Titans-cul-de-sac would like to offer a group hug to Chiefs Nation. We are fan bases with a lot in common. If success has been present, it has been fleeting. The Chiefs do have that one Super Bowl win, albeit one that happened more than 40 years ago. The Chiefs are the only […]

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Zach’s Football Adventure: Knoxville

I’ll admit up front that I didn’t see a lot of Knoxville yesterday. We really did a “smash and grab” trip to town, coming in for the game and leaving almost immediately afterward. I’ll post the pictures so this may end up as more of a “photo essay”. Let me set the scene. The two […]

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Sunday Morning Musings

I cannot tell you how much I dislike Gary Pinkel. I’m trying to figure out what it is about the coach, who is the University of Missouri’s greatest football coach and probably will remain in that capacity for the next decade. I believe that the difference between “pretty good” and “great” can come down to […]

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No S-E-C from this guy

The most popular chant  this weekend at college football stadia around the country was S-E-C. Tennessee fans used it late in a win over NCSU. Alabama fans used it early and often in a blowout over Michigan. Auburn fans used it early and perhaps not late in a loss to Clemson. Wait, are SEC schools […]

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Why Titans Fans Hate July More than Mike Jones

July just sucks. It’s hot, people pretend that they like golf, and the highlight is getting to watch your team practice in the sweltering summer heat. The month began with the three-year anniversary of Steve McNair’s death. I wrote about that on the Bleach. It would be tough for a player to hurt his legacy […]

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My Nashville Sports Bar Adventure

For the first time since 1995, I’m getting paid to write an article. It’s not something that I’ll put on the resume. I haven’t exactly hunted down paying gigs. Through Mike Schottey, my Bleacher Report hookup, I got an offer to post an article for a Nashville-based ezine. I didn’t think it was too critical […]

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Ask Zach: June 14 Edition

What’s new in the life of Zach? I haven’t met one of my interview subjects for beers in ten days. That’s called withdrawal, people. I’m still writing for the Bleach, and that breaking story about Jake Locker’s new highlights can wait. Yeah, Football Guys is doing the interview thing, stomping all over my corner by […]

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