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Three Leagues, One Championship

I’m in three fantasy leagues, and this year it’s about all I can handle. We’re heading into week nine and my teams are 4-4, 4-4, and 5-3. Dominant I am not. League one is the local keeper league. This is our 11th year of participation. I won the first and third titles, lost in the […]

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Know Your Enemy: Houston Texans

The below is content originally posted on my other part-time venture, TitansBlog. I post it here because making my readers click twice is just plain rude. Enjoy. There are two rivalries in the National Football League that transcend what happens on the field. You have Browns/Ravens, which is actually Browns/Browns. Maybe Cleveland fans don’t hate […]

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Game Review: Titans Smash!

I’ll be brief since I haven’t been able to review the entire “game film” for the Titans/Browns game. I watched this week’s Titans game at a Taco Mac in Decatur. That’s Atlanta. I had a Bills fan to my left and Steeler fans to my right. Let’s just say that I was the only one […]

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Know Your Enemy: Cleveland Browns

When the NFL schedule came out, fans of the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns circled this Sunday’s contest as “winnable”. Neither franchise entered 2011 with much momentum. The Browns boasted Madden 2012 cover boy Peyton Hillis. The Titans have recent eight-figure contract signee Chris Johnson. In last week’s games, the Titans’ punter Brett Kern had […]

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Titans Victory Post Mortem

When I’m at the Titans’ game, it’s a different experience. Every catch, hit, fumble and juke feels personal and emotional. I feel a little detached when I’m watching the game remotely like I did last Sunday. I have a deal with my buddy Don. I bring over some Spanish wine, and I can watch some […]

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Week Three Preview

Two weeks can be a fluke. Three weeks is a trend. I have three teams and one NFL team to review. Local keeper league (1-1): I’ve played six fantasy matchups in my three leagues and lost one. The good news is I lost to the top-scoring team in the league. The bad news is it […]

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Exorcising Titan Demons

Yesterday was the home opener for the Tennessee Titans. It also was Christmas. It was a sad day when the NFL shipped the Titans and Colts off to the AFC South. Although it made sense to move the two franchises that themselves had moved into this new division, longstanding rivalries were lost. For the Titans, […]

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Week One: Titans Stumble

Week one of football is the ultimate blank canvas. You think you know what might happen in the upcoming season, but it’s really a matter of waiting. If your team looks great, you know not to over-celebrate. If your team looks terrible, it’s not time to panic. The Patriots lost 31-0 to the Bills on […]

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