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Week One: Titans Stumble

Week one of football is the ultimate blank canvas. You think you know what might happen in the upcoming season, but it’s really a matter of waiting. If your team looks great, you know not to over-celebrate. If your team looks terrible, it’s not time to panic. The Patriots lost 31-0 to the Bills on […]

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Fantasy files: One Yahoo in Twelve

A fantasy football-related blog would be nothing without some self-congratulatory posts about one’s own drafts. I got into a work-related league and the draft was last night. Responses ranged from “cool” to “what’s football?” I tried to get as many guys in the latter category involved as possible. We had to rush to draft because […]

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Fantasy files: Intervention time

America, I need an intervention. I’ve made some fantasy football transgressions recently and I need to atone. I’ll take these one at a time. I can’t stop making waiver moves in my dynasty league. I checked today and I have picked up 11 guys while releasing 11 guys (many the same guys) since our rookie […]

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Fantasy files: Keeper draft post-mortem

This is normally the spot for interviews with fantasy experts of the highest caliber. Occasionally I backslide into what this blog started as: my own fantasy football journey. When my year begins, there’s one weekend that’s been steady and sacred for the past decade. That’s local keeper league weekend. It started as a draft in […]

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