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Interview series with blogger from the Titans’ weekly opponent.

Know Your Leaguemate: Ben Whibbley

Since the NFL regular season is over and I’m trying to avoid crying about the Titans for at least a month, I thought it would be fun to get to know some of the people who are in fantasy leagues with me. It’s an experiment to help me get through the long, cold, offseason. In […]

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Know Your Enemy: Nate Dunlevy on the Colts

Nate Dunlevy is my automatic go-to guy for Colts talk. He covers the AFC South for Bleacher Report, writes for Colts Authority, and loves the show Arrested Development. Where does the Dan Orlovsky-led Colts getting their first win against the Titans last year rank in your all-time favorite Colts moments? That’s almost funny. It wouldn’t […]

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Know Your Enemy: Steph Stradley Talks Texans

Steph is on again. The uber Texan fan who would never pull a Fireman Ed is back to talk Texans/Titans. Actually there aren’t any Titans-related questions in here so you’ll be able to get through this post without needing antidepressants. Steph chats about product placement, winning Super Bowl tickets and the David Carr days, kind […]

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