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Interview series with blogger from the Titans’ weekly opponent.

Know Your Enemy: Jerome Watson of Rock the Bolt

One thing you can’t do with San Diego Chargers fans is accuse them of being bandwagon jumpers. The franchise reminds me of the Titans in the early 2000s, good team, can’t quite make it happen in the playoffs. Is the window closing? Let’s find out with Jerome Watson of Introduce yourself. Include a little […]

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Know Your Enemy: Cincinnati Bengals

Yes ma, there are die-hard fans for every NFL franchise. The Bengals are 5-2, and I had to clean my glasses twice when I looked at the standings. I have a feeling that the Bengal followers had to do the same when they saw the Titans’ record. Odds were 100-1 at least for both franchises […]

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Know Your Enemy: Houston Texans

The below is content originally posted on my other part-time venture, TitansBlog. I post it here because making my readers click twice is just plain rude. Enjoy. There are two rivalries in the National Football League that transcend what happens on the field. You have Browns/Ravens, which is actually Browns/Browns. Maybe Cleveland fans don’t hate […]

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Know Your Enemy: Cleveland Browns

When the NFL schedule came out, fans of the Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns circled this Sunday’s contest as “winnable”. Neither franchise entered 2011 with much momentum. The Browns boasted Madden 2012 cover boy Peyton Hillis. The Titans have recent eight-figure contract signee Chris Johnson. In last week’s games, the Titans’ punter Brett Kern had […]

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