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The Big Green Egg Is My True North

I’d like to dispense from the usual topics on this page to discuss one of my true loves. When I graduated high school, I might have been capable of boiling water but not much else. I could use the grill. In the glorious summer of 1989, the last one before I donned the McDonalds colors […]

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Life Its Ownself

Life Its Ownself: Never Enough Time

The blanket’s still there on the ledge that overlooks the backyard. It was important to have it there, a vital final resting place. In 1997, on the advice from a friend to replace a bad memory with a good one, my wife got two cats. Initially she wanted just one but due to her hectic […]

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Life Its Ownself: Gums of the Navarone Edition

Life Its Ownself: Gums of the Navarone

This will be an almost 100% football-free post as I chat about gums and my job search. Welcome back to “Life Its Ownself”. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my mouth for decades. I love it because it’s the origin point for beer and delicious food, and let’s just cut it there in terms of […]

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Life Its Ownself: Grilling Machine

When I grill, I take it to the max. My Big Green Egg (love that I use the BGE initials and people on Twitter think BenJarvus Green-Ellis, goal-line TD stealer extraordinare) requires a lot of time and attention and my baby, she takes a while to warm up. After getting the “complimentary” bag of the […]

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Life Its Ownself: Three Weeks

About the title: One of my favorite authors from my college age was Dan Jenkins. He is a Texan who likes to write about football, golf, and the people who cover such events. One of his books has the title Life Its Ownself, about a football player who has to figure out what to do […]

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I Got Your Empathy Right Here

What a funky time to be “umemployed”. As of this evening, I’ve set a personal record for the most time not being employed since I was in college. In 1996, it took me about a month after graduating to find a glorious $15,000 a year job proofreading legal documents. It was as glamorous as that […]

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