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Fired as Commish

Fantasy Files: You’re Fired

I was relieved of my duties as Zealots 34 Commissioner last night. It was the right call. I joined Zealots Field’s 17th league in Kevin Jones’ rookie year. There were some putrid trades on my end in that first year (Keith Bulluck and Anquan Boldin for Kevin Jones, a slew of picks including the 1.05 […]

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Mock Me? Mock You (Never too Early Edition)

Thus begins my sixth week of unemployment. In this time I have not lassoed any work, despite a few interviews, attempting to corral my LinkedIn networking list, countless lunches, and a flaming buttload of resumes. Still, I fail to panic. I didn’t want to say that I “failed” to find a job because they’re everywhere. […]

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The NFL Allows Trades?

The Twitter caught fire last night upon news that the Eagles traded LeSean McCoy to the Bills for Kiko “Man” Alonso. This trade showed off a few interesting details about the league: – Chip Kelly really has personnel control – Rumors about McCoy having health issues or not “fitting in with the program” may have […]

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Super Bowl Pregame Talk: State of the Quarterback

We’ve had four major storylines these past two weeks. One involves a linebacker in purple. The second involves two brothers. The final two seem a little tacked on. They are about the quarterbacks. A popular meme in the NFL is that you must have an elite quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and by elite […]

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Titans Victory Post Mortem

When I’m at the Titans’ game, it’s a different experience. Every catch, hit, fumble and juke feels personal and emotional. I feel a little detached when I’m watching the game remotely like I did last Sunday. I have a deal with my buddy Don. I bring over some Spanish wine, and I can watch some […]

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Week Three Preview

Two weeks can be a fluke. Three weeks is a trend. I have three teams and one NFL team to review. Local keeper league (1-1): I’ve played six fantasy matchups in my three leagues and lost one. The good news is I lost to the top-scoring team in the league. The bad news is it […]

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