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Titans Post Mortem: For the Win

The Titans on prime time is an unusual experience. It’s unusual because it doesn’t happen very often, but the socialist NFL decided that every NFL team deserves a prime-time game. I was willing and able to travel to Nashville, at great personal expense (two vacation days), to witness this surefire debacle. I was disappointed in […]

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Titans Replay: Let’s Watch That Sucka Again!

I’m going to watch a replay of a Titans game for the first time this year. This was a regular feature of Titansblog last year and may only be posted when the Titans make NFL Replay. I want to see the fully operational Titans offense and the, well, work in progress that is the defense. […]

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Titans Post-Mortem: This Just In, Patriots Are Good

My Day at LP Field I’m a free agent, writing-wise, so I’m going to keep all of my Titans writing on my site. I’ll post my experience from the Titans’ opening-day game and I’ll keep it relatively short since I tend to ramble with these. Last year was a transitional one for the franchise. New […]

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Titans Post Mortem: Slipping by the Bucs

Pre watching the “tape”, I have some thoughts on yesterday’s win. Tommie Campbell: Heckuva draft pick. Getting speed guys on special teams who can actually play special teams is a big bonus. Chris Johnson: He’s back! Wait, I’ve said that at least twice this year. If me benching him for Kevin Smith in one fantasy […]

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Titans Post Mortem: Momentum Stolen

All right, let’s get this over with. Zach Law and his trusty Game Rewind’s going to tell it like it is, Titans/Steelers style. Pictures of old Titans/Steelers games, including LenDale White stomping on the Turrible Towel (before a Titan win, suck on that curse), always good to warm up. Mike Munchak had 150 people at […]

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