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Zachrilege Cast #127 — Amy and Ami of Secular Soup

Distrust even bisque. Secular Soup started when two women in different small towns a thousand miles apart discovered each others’ perfection and decided to start a show. Amy is in Minnesota, Ami is in Texas. One is an ex-Mormon and one drinks team and loves sleeping/wearing onesies to trivia.   Show links: […]

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Vacation Files: New York City

We learned three not to dos on our trip to New York City: Don’t schedule a 6:30 flight on an airline that sounds like it was made up on a TV show Don’t forget to bring lots of cash Don’t be sick The third one is going to be a doozy. We started the day […]

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Saying Goodbye

Alison said “Baby, the light’s green” a second before I clicked the button. I didn’t completely understand the weight of the moment but it was something I had to do. In 2001, I cried for the last time. Don’t get me wrong, my tear ducts work, and if I’m cutting onions or stub my toe, […]

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Fantasy Files: Year in Dynasty, QBs

My dynasty team had a terrible year that ended well, although it’s kind of ironic that the push probably hurt my team long-term. I finished 5-8, my worst record since the first year of the league. I won a three-team tiebreaker for the final playoff spot, one my first-round game and lost in the semifinals. […]

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