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Vacation Files: New York City

We learned three not to dos on our trip to New York City: Don’t schedule a 6:30 flight on an airline that sounds like it was made up on a TV show Don’t forget to bring lots of cash Don’t be sick The third one is going to be a doozy. We started the day […]

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Saying Goodbye

Alison said “Baby, the light’s green” a second before I clicked the button. I didn’t completely understand the weight of the moment but it was something I had to do. In 2001, I cried for the last time. Don’t get me wrong, my tear ducts work, and if I’m cutting onions or stub my toe, […]

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Fantasy Files: Year in Dynasty, QBs

My dynasty team had a terrible year that ended well, although it’s kind of ironic that the push probably hurt my team long-term. I finished 5-8, my worst record since the first year of the league. I won a three-team tiebreaker for the final playoff spot, one my first-round game and lost in the semifinals. […]

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Know Your Enemy: Denver Broncos, Week 14

Week 14 has the potential to be a double gut punch for the Titans, if watching that fourth preseason game last night masquerading as an NFL contest between two teams who have defeated the Titans wasn’t enough. Last offseason, at Bud Adams’ bequest, the Titans made a major push to get Peyton Manning and failed […]

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