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Fantasy Files: Waiver Wire Week One

There are times when the best move is not to move. And in other situations when your waiver wire is full of a plethora of players, the decision is which direction to take. In my keeper league, I’m hamstrung by a few details. We have to hold onto four wideouts and running all year. It’s […]

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Fantasy Files: Book It

I wanted to make a brief announcement before I get on the “taking it easy” portion of Sunday evening. Let’s just say I will not have that kind of Sunday evening for long, especially with preseason action starting next week. The interviews are off. I have officially unpublished interviews 51-100 as I format the ebook. […]

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Zach on Vacation: Final Day in Seattle

Want more Zach on vacation? Check out Days 1/2 in Portland, the Portland finale, and the Seattle transition. Seahawks Field/House that Neon, I Mean Nike, Built, um, Qwest Field, or Century Link Field Presented by a Big Overhang There was much not rejoicing when the friendly tour guide told us that during our tour of […]

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Zach on Vacation: Portland Days 3/4

It’s time for days three/four of my vacation diary, which were my final two days in Portland. We started a conference, visited a doughnut palace, and drank much beer. Check out days one and two. The World Domination Conference started in 2011. There were about 500 people there in year one, 1000 last year and […]

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Zach on Vacation: Portland Days 1/2

We scheduled this Portland/Seattle trip last September, shoehorned around a conference that I’ll discuss in another post. We wanted to get somewhere that we have never been before, and seeing as this is the year of our 10th wedding anniversary, an epic trip was in order. Alison’s the daughter of a travel agent, so setting […]

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Playoff Time: Four at a Time

I made an executive decision to skip the Saturday games, have them recorded at my friend Don’s place, and watch all four on Sunday. Saturday was a little difficult as I ended up at a bar. I was staring at the floor as we played pool and every TV in the room was on the […]

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