Monday ramblings

Yesterday I correctly predicted that the White Sox would lose their series finale for the fourth-straight time this year. Where was my bookie when I needed him? Note to wife: I have no bookie. ESPN’s daily NFL draft preview SportsCenter show will be two hours a day starting today. I need to be in mid-season […]

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NFL draft and poker

I’m a confirmed NFL junkie. I just read that 1.13 million hits were registered on the day that the 2005 schedule came out. I had the schedule two hours early. Millions of fans are in fantasy leagues. I’m in four. If I join any more I might have to go into rehab. Some fans […]

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NFL Draft noise

If you think that football fans aren’t obsessed, you aren’t checking ESPN’s schedule lately. It’s hard to believe that they’re showing anything except for Yankees/Red Sox games but it’s true. This week ESPN started on one-hour Sportscenters focusing on next week’s draft. Some of the best NFL talking heads who only occasionally screwed up a […]

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The ‘other’ Sox

While the Red Sox’ fans are punching outfielders, White Sox fans are enjoying the start of the 2005 season. An 8-6 loss to Cleveland puts the Sox at 6-3. They’ve won two out of three in every series so far this year. What’s impressive is that they are churning out one-run wins, the kind of […]

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Titans 2005-6 schedule

Your 2005 Titans schedule: September 11: at PittsburghSeptember 18: BaltimoreSeptember 25: at St. LouisOctober 2: IndyOctober 9: at HoustonOctober 16: CincinnatiOctober 23: at ArizonaOctober 30: OaklandNovember 6: at ClevelandNovember 13: byeNovember 20: JacksonvilleNovember 27: San FranDecember 4: at IndyDecember 11: HoustonDecember 18: SeattleDecember 24 (Saturday): at MiamiJanuary 1: at Jacksonville I wonder how the college […]

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Kill shot

Last night I went to play racquetball. I fortified my game by buying goggles. The last time I played I matched up with a decent player and came away with a couple of victories. Considering that I hadn’t played since the 90s and that my racquet is in its second decade, I had a mild […]

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History witnessed at Turner Field

I think of myself as someone who’s rarely in the epicenter of history. Last night I could not avoid a collision course with destiny. Sure, empty seats are par for the course on a weeknight in April. This was fan apathy at its finest. Last night’s attendance for the Braves’ first matchup with the Washington […]

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Off weekend

I know it probably disappointed my audience of three, but I took the weekend off. I was in sunny Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If the Gulf Coast is known as the Redneck Riviera, Gatlinburg is its inland cousin. I fought the urge to visit the Salt and Pepper Shaker and the Dukes of Hazzard Museums. I did […]

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Sox lose

Anyone who believes in fate, or maybe karma, knows that yesterday’s White Sox/Indians result was inevitable. I stopped paying attention when it was 5-1 good guys in the 7th. Silly me. It’s the top of the ninth and here comes the easy save opportunity. This has not been the week for protecting three-run leads, at […]

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White Sox at 2-0

The White Sox opened their season at home against the Cleveland Indians. That’s all well and good, but this is the first time in fourteen years that the White Sox opened at home. Are you serious? I didn’t even realize until I got home that I had TiVo’d the White Sox/Indians game. It’s hard to […]

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