Day of the Heel

I actually watched some of the NCAA title game last night. It was a pretty easy pattern. UNC — pass the ball to Sean May. May scores or is hacked by one of Illinois’ many tall skinny white guys. Illinois passes the ball 35 times and fires a three. Rinse and repeat. If Illinois could […]

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There are 30 teams in major league baseball. How many only have one style of cap? Look for the answer at the end of today’s column. Ten teams have three different caps. Do the Colorado Rockies really sell that much merchandise? I guess it doesn’t matter, because when I went shopping for my White Sox […]

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The AUBL draft

I bought a 550-milliliter bottle of Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale (best beer ever) for our Yahoo draft tonight. This league is a motley assortment of relatives, friends, and general miscreants. To show how skewed the league is, four owners are Pirates fans. Considering that, Jason Bay never had a chance. Quick fantasy 101 lesson. […]

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Chicago White Sox and Big Frank

Here’s my true story of becoming a Chicago White Sox fan. I grew up in Pittsburgh, so if sports had taken hold with me in the late 1970s I could be a bitter Steelers and Pirates fan, looking fondly, if distantly, at the good old days. OK, the Steelers have been good more often than […]

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