Scott Fish Bowl 360 — 2015

I have attempted the impossible: Interview the entire Scott Fish Bowl 360 crowd. I’m going to list each conference and division. Click and you can access the page. I’m still gathering the interview material so it will take time for me to complete the set.

Scott Fish Bowl invitational #sfb360

Scott Fish Bowl Hangouts

Interview with Scott Fish on Day 1 of the draft

Zach commentary from Day 1

Contest winner and #ginjaninja lover Tyler Buecher of NumberFire

Saturday Night Live Conference

Harry Caray Division
Dodge Stratus Division
Bill Brasky Division
More Cowbell Division
Suck It, Trebek Division

Talladega Nights Conference

Shake and Bake Division
Ain’t First…You’re Last Division
Spider Monkey Division
That Just Happened Division
I Wanna Go Fast Division

Anchorman Conference

Dorothy Mantooth Division
I Love Lamp Division
Sex Panther Division
Glass Case Division
Escalated Quickly Division

Zoolander Conference

Blue Steel Division
Magnum Division
Hansel Division
Mugatu Division
Maury Ballstein Diision

Step Brothers Conference

Catalina Wine Mixer Division
Prestige Worldwide Division
Nuts on Drumset Division
Shark Week Division
Boats N Hoes Division

Old School Conference

You’re My Boy Blue Division
Earmuffs Division
Mitch-a-palooza Division
Going Streaking Division
Frank the Tank Division

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