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Going for 2, Super Balls Edition

On the January 21, 2015 edition of the show, we had to overcome obstacles just like the New England Patriots had to find new ways to overcome properly inflated footballs on Sunday. Sharona played computer roulette and we didn’t have to try an episode of the show where she moved her mouth and I talked […]

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Talkin’ Titans on the Tube: Week 3

Yes, I thought of that title all by myself. This week I talked avatars, #ginjaninja and the Icky Shuffle with Whudey aka T aka Allie Fontana’s new Twitter crush. Behold, Know Your Enemy, Bengals Stompin’ Edition: Note the beer, the “Boulder Shake” by Boulder Beer, quite possibly my favorite chocolate porter of all time. So […]

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Zach’s Nashville weekend: Of Beer, BBQ, and Bad Football

Reader note: You can still find my fantasy football content at FantasySports.org. I figured that if I’m writing about the Titans and personal experiences that don’t have a ton of fantasy industry appeal, I’ll keep it on my site. My Nashville weekends have changed over the years. I used to drive directly to my parents’ […]

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Weekend Beer Post: What Zach Drank, 5/19/2014 edition

I had a fabulous beer-fueled weekend. It started with a journey to a local beer joint that’s earned national attention. The Brick Store Pub is a Decatur institution that’s very Belgian-friendly. In an unusual twist, their taps dedicated to Belgians went to American Belgian styles in honor of American Craft Beer Week. This did not […]

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Zach on Vacation: Portland Days 3/4

It’s time for days three/four of my vacation diary, which were my final two days in Portland. We started a conference, visited a doughnut palace, and drank much beer. Check out days one and two. The World Domination Conference started in 2011. There were about 500 people there in year one, 1000 last year and […]

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