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Full Immersion Football

For the next two weeks I am following a football team. It’s not unlike the people who “toured” with the Grateful Dead or Phish, going from concert to concert, forgetting where they were as they hunted down a communal experience. I doubt it involved a lot of punts. I joined the local Missouri alumni group […]

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Titans Talk: Another Year of the ‘Chak

I’m not sure what to think about this morning’s news that Mike Munchak will be coming back in 2013. I could take it like most rumors I’m seeing on the Twitters this morning and ignore it, because if the Jaguars win 52-7 today, he’s probably not going to return. You want to see a couple […]

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Know Your Enemy: Brian Quinlan

Brian was extraordinarily nice to answer a second set of questions in a somewhat inebriated state. Judging by the answers, I might need to do this more. Why hasn’t the vaunted defensive line jelled yet? The eternal optimist in me wants to say it’s partially due to the transition back to the 4-3 or the […]

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