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Fantasy Files: Rookie Draft 2016

Let’s set the stage for my 2016 Rookiepalooza, powered by #rookiederangement. I finished in dead center in the Zealots 34 league last year, my tenth consecutive non-championship season. The Zealots 34 Tennessee Titans have won as many titles as the real Tennessee Titans. Thanks to that, I “earned” the following picks: 1.06 2.06 3.06 4.06 […]

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2015 Rookie Results

Fantasy Files: 2015 Rookie Dynasty Draft Roundup

I realized that I did my Levels of Dynasty Fantasy Football without having a proper rookie roundup, without which I may lose my nonexistant FSWA card. I’ll post my picks because I’m narcissistic, then we can talk “interesting” picks and list all the trades because that’s fun. 1.04: Kevin White — I’ll be honest here. […]

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Fantasy Files: When to Go IDP

I have one thing about my current rookie draft, and that’s good instincts. I tried to trade up to pick 4.05 to pick up Alec Ogletree. The trade didn’t work but Ogletree went at that spot. I had a potential deal to trade my 5.11 and 6.11 for Josh Norris’s 5.05 and thought Jonathan Cyprien […]

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